Regis Road Food Garden – objection to planning application

Application No:2021/3453/P

Inkerman Area Residents Association (IARA) is directly affected by this planning application and, based on our experience of the (already fully operative) site to date, we wish to oppose it for the following reasons.

The site opened without prior planning approval and therefore without prior consultation.  Less than a week before it opened IARA was invited to meet with the applicant on the basis that they wished to liaise with the local community. 

Representatives from IARA were assured that the site would be well managed.  We were also told that it would open on 24 June.  In the event, it opened without further communication with residents on 22 June, in order to show one of the England games in the Euros.  Following that evening IARA received complaints from residents of unacceptable levels of noise and drunken and antisocial behaviour in the adjacent streets.

The following are extracts from the applicant’s Design and Access Statement, with our comments and highlighting.

1.1.6 (the statement) “demonstrates that the proposals have been carefully considered and that the development will not cause harm to the appearance of the building and this part of the city, nor have unacceptable effects on the amenities of the neighbouring properties.”

Contrary to the statement, there are highly unacceptable effects on the amenities of the neighbouring properties.  In particular, there is night-time noise from the site itself and antisocial behaviour in surrounding streets from people leaving the site.

2.1.3 “The site is situated less than 500m from Kentish Town station which serves both the London Underground and the Overground/mainline rail network. There are also numerous bus routes along Kentish Town Road. And the premises can provide approximately 40no. off-street car parking spaces.

This represents an increase in traffic on already crowded roads, and further noise for neighbours from cars leaving the site after closing time.

2.2.1 “As the site lies at the centre of the Kentish Town Industrial Area and adjacent to the London Overground /mainline railway line, there are no immediate residential neighbours.”

This statement is untrue, as evidenced by the location map in the application documents.  The site adjoins Holmes Road and Spring Place, and is causing nuisance to both.

2.2.2 “The site does not lie in or near a conservation area”

Again, untrue as above.  Holmes Road lies within the Inkerman Conservation Area, which has been in existence for the last 20 years.

4.1.4 ”In order to facilitate the proposed meanwhile use as a food and drinks cafe, a small number of lightweight ancillary structures will be necessary to be erected as listed below.”

To describe this as a café is disingenuous at best.  It has been heavily promoted as a beer garden with a capacity for 950 guests (see eg

9.2 “Policy 7.15 of the London Plan seeks to ensure that the development does not result in significant adverse noise impacts on health and quality of life. At a local level, Policy A1 Managing the Impact of Development and Policy A4 Noise and Vibration seek to ensure that developments protect the amenity of existing and future neighbouring residents and building occupants, together with the amenity of the surrounding public realm.9.3 The 2no. outdoor seating areas are well screened from the surrounding area by the placements of the shipping containers, which act as barriers to mitigate noise breakout.”

The development does result in significant adverse noise impacts on health and quality of life of local residents.  The football shown on huge screens has been a particular blight on the neighbourhood.

It should not have been allowed to open without prior planning consent, and we strongly oppose its continuation.  The site is far too near residential properties to be fit for purpose, and is causing distress to its neighbours.

Please refuse this application.  If it is referred to committee please notify us of the hearing date.