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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of IARA

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of IARA for 2022 held 23 January 2023 at The Grafton Present Alma St: Hilary B, Debby H, David J, Jeremy B,  Patricia D, Jane H, James D, Daniel O,Lesley A, Andrea P,Willes Rd:  Don H, Belinda L, Julia F, Gary L, David P, Sarah H, Regis, Sarah M,… Read more »

Notes from Sustainiara group meeting on 11th January 2023

Held at the home of Rafe on Inkerman Road Present: Jeremy, David, Dilip, Harold, Rafe.Apologies from Phil, Thomas, Jon N, Jon C, Don, Dee, Judith, Actions are Black Bold textIntroductionsNo introductions as everyone knew each other. Rafe chaired the meeting, David took notes, and we used the previous notes as the agenda. Knowledge sharing projectsFormat… Read more »

What is the Inkerman Area Residents Association?

To remind established residents and to introduce us to new residents… The Inkerman Area Residents Association (IARA)  is our local residents’ association. We cover the area bounded to the east by Kentish Town Road, to the south by Prince of Wales Road and to the west and north by the railway lines. That’s about 10… Read more »

2022 AGM papers: Chair’s report, Agenda and Financial Statement.

Report from the Chair and Secretary to the IARA AGM 2022 (taking place on 23 January 2023) Communication Increasingly, IARA activity this year has been through the WhatsApp Groups.  The main group now has over 160 members and is extremely active – with offers of things to give away, requests for help, local information, and… Read more »