Monthly Archives: October 2011

Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum – A draft constitution

Progress on this issue: A number of local associations met at Kentish Town Community Centre on 20 October to make progress in the setting up the Forum. Obviously one of the first tasks is to agree a constitution. We prepared a briefing paper on what other Forums have done and alternatives. That was discussed and… Read more »

The Gardener at Kentish Town Tube

Drew Porlock is one of the staff at the tube station and the plants there are entirely his work.  He has bought them and maintains them and replaces them when they are nicked – which they are sometimes.  (There are some very sad, nasty people around.) He said “I haven’t got a garden at home… Read more »


Not many people know this….yet….. BUT the Government is putting through parliament a Localism Bill. The rhetoric is: “…. a radical shift of power from the centralised state to local communities, and describes the six essential actions required to deliver decentralisation down through every level of government to every citizen. In particular, we focus… Read more »

New about the Pizza Express appeal hearing:

Live news from the appeal hearing: Tue, 4 Oct 2011 12:07:55 Total mess! We are there in force – about 40 of us.  tho lots of us have had to leave now. The inspector and the appellants, ie the developers, first went to the Town Hall and started. We are all in the right place… Read more »

The battle to save the Pizza Express Building continues.

The battle to save the Pizza Express Building continues. This was our e-mail of 30 September Dear Members See the current  Camden New Journal story: For those who missed out on the story…