Monthly Archives: June 2009

Planting under trees – Sunday 14 June 2009

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the planting – it was a great success and great fun. Especial thanks to Diana for getting the plants from the Royal Parks. People were asking if we might benefit from a meeting of the gardening group to discuss what really are the best plants to use in… Read more »

Meeting 1 June 2009

Minutes of IARA meeting 1 June 2009 Present: Tim Gray (Camden Council), Charles Collett, David and Debby Hyams, (Alma Street), Juana Espasa, Diana Harewood, Don Hibbs, Adam Leys, Margaret Walters, Gerry Badger, Sarah Monk, Sarah Harvey (Willes Road), Helen Hodgson (Inkerman Road), Lizzie Keene (Ryland Road), Alex Dunbar (Holmes Road), Harriet Craven (Raglan Street), Chris… Read more »