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History of the Gates by Pamela Taylor

I live at 40 Prince of Wales Road, the first house in the terrace between Hampstead Gates and the railway bridge, and I’m one of the writers for Alan Godfrey who publishes reprints of large-scale OS maps with accompanying historical notes.   The map dates range from the 1860s to the 1930s, the scale is usually… Read more »

IARA Update 28.4.20

Dear Members Firstly, we hope everyone is well. If you need any help (shopping, some virtual company …) please let us know.  There are lots of friendly people willing to help out.PPE Kentish Town Health Centre have been delighted with the masks several of you have made for them. Sophie has forwarded this amazing picture… Read more »

Pearly whites – false teeth in Anglers Lane – from our Special History Correspondent – Sara (13 Ryland Rd)

Claudius Ash (1792-1854) began his career as a goldsmith, but turned his skills to dentistry and manufacture of dental equipment, including artificial/false teeth.   Prior to his involvement, replacement teeth were either (very gruesomely) gathered from bodies on battlefields, or (cruel to animals) made from hippopotamus or walrus ivory, which were prone to discolouration. Ash’s idea… Read more »

Impressionism’s debt to Kentish Town – by Martin

[Some of you may have been on the excellent walk in our area guided by Daniel Hausherr, a Camden guide. I have compiled this using his notes, and adding material I have found elsewhere.]  This story begins in 1832, with the establishment of Winsor & Newton, famous for the artists materials that it makes. William Winsor was a scientist… Read more »

Elders meeting 17.2.20

Notes of a meeting of the Independent Elders held 17.2.20 Present: Debby, Don, Anne, Harriet, Michele, Patricia, Iris, Lesley Apologies: Charles, Robert, Dot 1. Planning, Traffic and the High Street i. West Kentish Town plans. Don has seen signs up on the West KT estate advertising a ballot on the proposals. He will forward the… Read more »

IARA Update 22.4.20

Masks! An urgent call for help One of the GPs at the James Wigg practice has sent out this message: I am one of the partners and we have been discussing the use of masks today.At the time it was felt that reusable masks were not advisable to be used as protective equipment, but there… Read more »