Monthly Archives: March 2021

March Update – a huge threat to the High Street.

Murphys development The Murphy’s Yard website has been updated with new information and details of a webinar on March 25th   Google Murphy’s Development Kentish town. (Posting the link in here doesn’t seem to work) This is what the proposed development might look like from the canopy area outside the tube station.   It almost entirely obliterates the… Read more »

Walks from the Inkerman Area.

Introduction and contents. This project has been designed both for people who are newly arrived in the area and may not know what is on offer or for people who have lived here for a long time but overlooked some of the great places there are in the area. In particular we have thought about… Read more »

Walking the best of Kentish Town.

 Devised by Mary Hill Ideally refer to  a copy of “Streets of Kentish Town” published by Camden History Society available at Owl Bookshop.  This is only a rough street itinerary.  Words in capitals worth researching by Google or above publication. Start at Kentish Town Underground/Thameslink Station. R. out of station pass THE ASSEMBLY HOUSE pub… Read more »

Update 6 March 2021

This update is in a rather lower key than some of the more recent ones because there are no dramatic developments on the three big planning battles.  We haven’t heard any decisions regarding planning appeals about the radio masts planned on top of Monmouth House, nor the additional storey on top of the Stay Club in Holmes Road.  Nor have we heard… Read more »