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History of the area through maps: 1849+1860

The 1849 and 1860 maps really show the sudden development of the area. There are no details of the source of the maps. They are clearly the same map which has been added to 11 years on. They seem to be planning maps with some details sketched in – possibly in advance of the actual… Read more »

Conservation Area Statement available here

Most of our area is a Conservation Area. During the period that was introduced Camden created a Conservation Area Statement which is a splendid document which give a history of the area and then goes through each street giving an architects and planners perspective on the buildings.  It is well written and illustrated. It has… Read more »


New bollards in Anglers Lane You may have noticed that, following the rather superior repaving of Anglers Lane, Camden have replaced all the non matching bollards and we now have an immaculate gleaming matching set. This may seem a rather disproportionate use of the very limited funds that Camden has but we gather that it… Read more »

Pizza Express Truimph

1. WE WON THE PIZZA EXPRESS BATTLE! THANKS TO ALL WHO SUPPORTED THIS by coming or writing or contributing to costs. See below: ‘Conclusion’ . and we wil try an attach the decision in PDF… 2155198 Decision   (There’s always a first time….) 2.  and good news for people in Raglan St and Monmouth / Alpha… Read more »

Alma Street Party acclaimed by local blogger Kentishtowner

 for the full report with pictures: kentishtowner is dedicated to cultural affairs – art, food, theatre, film, architecture, fashion, history, music – in this corner of central north London – and beyond. And whilst NW5 is at the heart of what we’re about, we love the capital as a whole – and will happily… Read more »

Camden History Society

The Camden History Society exists to promote interest in the history of all parts of the London Borough of Camden. It has a programme of monthly lectures, held at various venues in the borough, and there is an annual outing. The Society publishes a wide range of material on the history of streets, people, trades… Read more »