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Sustain IARA –  the Inkerman Area Residents Association sustainability group. Information sheet on some local houses.

Prepared for the street party on 8 July 2023 when the first three of these houses kindly hosted visits by interested people . We may create videos of these visits and post them here. SustainIARA is a sub-group to implement and share knowledge of Climate mitigation and resilience, Sustainable and Regenerative action in the Inkerman Area. … Read more »

Two green developments locally

1. We have now changed the scope of the Trees WhatsApp group (23 participants) which started as a way of making sure new street trees survived by watering them during the drought in the summer.  We are expanding that to include a focus on gardens, both private and the ones under the trees, and window… Read more »

Wildlife in Kentish Town

Wildlife in Kentish Town – Results from the Alma Street Fair Biodiversity Stand  At the Alma Street Fair on Sunday 3 July, we ran a table on biodiversity. We promised to follow up with visitors. Drawing from conversations and the map board where you could pin where you had seen wildlife, here is a short… Read more »

Ideas about Green Issues

This note attempts to record some local discussions with a few interested people. Using the format of the concentric circles that we have found useful as it helps us feel better about thinking we are powerless about the big stuff and that small stuff is trivial and silly.  It could help us have a more… Read more »

Successful weekend: Jumble Trail and Gardening Autumn Tidy

Lovely weather on Saturday certainly helped with the first Jumble Trail – a new idea for the area but well established elsewhere : an explanation is: A Jumble Trail is like a car boot sale but for your street. Neighbours set up stalls outside their homes to sell bric-a-brac, toys, vintage clothes, veg from the… Read more »