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Christmas Update

Dear Members This is a sad time to be writing as so many of us have had to cancel or rethink our arrangements for seeing friends and family over the Christmas period. Some of us may now find ourselves on our own, and/or feeling even more cut off. It’s therefore a good time to look… Read more »

Update 5 November Lockdown support, planning issues and a lot more

Dear Members Local support. So, here we go again with lockdown. If you are someone who needs help to get shopping or prescriptions, or just someone to chat to, we still have a list of local people who are willing to help so do let us know and we will try to match you with someone…. Read more »

Update 20 October Trees, planning and more.

Dear Members Trees in our streets Although we have emailed the tree department asking about the tree planting programme and heard nothing, we were told by Jenny R that Camden have in fact been busy planting trees. On investigation we see that the tree pit outside her house, at number 10 Alma St, now has… Read more »

Update August 2020

Dear Members Future of the High Street Changes to the Planning Laws are being rushed through by the Government and will override Local Authority policies (for example on the percentage of retail). Even before Covid19 it seemed that some change in the nature of High Streets is inevitable, but there is concern that a total… Read more »

July Update

Proposal for huge radio masts and other telecoms equipment on the roof of Monmouth House Some of you will remember that last year we were consulted about a proposal to put 12 massive (6m high from roof level), satellite dishes and ancillary equipment on the roof of Monmouth House. Many of you were concerned about… Read more »