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Annual General Meeting 2023 – Minutes

Held at the CFBL – The French School – 26 October 2023 1. Attendance: Ryland: Trisha, Christine, Martin, Sophie, Susan. Brinsmead: Jeff Willes: Gary, Don, David T, Arabella, Mike S, David P, Rosemary, Michael, Stephen, Dee, John T, Greta, Belinda, Suzanne, Vivienne. Sarah M Grafton: Chris. Holmes: Andrew, Judith, Sue Cathcart: Terry, Kate, Ishay Inkerman: Dougal, Rafe, Courtenay, Raglan: Robert, Paul,… Read more »

Chairs Report for the Annual General Meeting 2023

This is on Thursday 26 October 2023. 7.00 pm at the CFBL– The French School Entrance in Holmes Rd Below: Agenda and Chair’s Report Financial statement to be tabled at the meeting Agenda Chair’s Report: It’s less than a year since our last AGM, but we have brought this meeting forward so that we can… Read more »

2022 AGM papers: Chair’s report, Agenda and Financial Statement.

Report from the Chair and Secretary to the IARA AGM 2022 (taking place on 23 January 2023) Communication Increasingly, IARA activity this year has been through the WhatsApp Groups.  The main group now has over 160 members and is extremely active – with offers of things to give away, requests for help, local information, and… Read more »

Minutes of the IARA AGM held by Zoom 7.12.20

1. Welcome and apologies. Attendance: Raglan St: Paul, John, Mary Alma St: Jane, James, Daniel, John, Alison, Jeremy, David J, Debby, Charles, Dilip, Patricia, Hilary. Holmes Rd: Judith, Matthew. Willes Rd: Sarah M, Dee, Diana, Michele, Michael, Belinda, Don, David P. Brinsmead: Jeff W, Shivaun Ryland Rd: Trisha. Camden Council: Cllr. Meric Apak Apologies: Jenny… Read more »

Annual General Meeting 7.12.20

The Inkerman Area Residents Association Annual General Meeting 7.12.20 Agenda 1. Welcome and apologies 2. Minutes of the AGM 25.11.2019( annual-general-meeting-25-november-2019) 3. Election of officers 4. Chair’s report 5. Treasurer’s report 6. Report backs Independent Elders Police Liaison Green issues 7. Any other business Chair’s report Obviously this has been a year like no other… Read more »

Chair’s Report 2019

Most of IARA’s activities take place through subgroups and by email, so if you know people who are not signed up for emails do let them know. Through a network of street representatives we do a door-to-door mailing in advance of general meetings and other major events. If you live in a block of flats… Read more »