Monthly Archives: December 2022

West Kentish Town Estate: draft comments on the planning application

The Inkerman Area is a close neighbour of the West Kentish Town Estate, and some of our members will be directly affected.  There are serious concerns about the proposed intensification of the estate, which will treble the number of housing units in an already relatively heavily populated area.   This will have an impact on the… Read more »

December update

Potentially alarming developments re evening and night time economy strategy  We previously alerted you to the consultation on Camden’s evening and night time economy strategy, and pointed out that it is heavily weighted in favour of commerce rather than residents (note the word “economy” in the heading). i.e. it may well favour extended licensing hours… Read more »

Two green developments locally

1. We have now changed the scope of the Trees WhatsApp group (23 participants) which started as a way of making sure new street trees survived by watering them during the drought in the summer.  We are expanding that to include a focus on gardens, both private and the ones under the trees, and window… Read more »