West Kentish Town Estate: draft comments on the planning application

The Inkerman Area is a close neighbour of the West Kentish Town Estate, and some of our members will be directly affected.  There are serious concerns about the proposed intensification of the estate, which will treble the number of housing units in an already relatively heavily populated area.  

This will have an impact on the Inkerman area in a number of ways.  

  • There will be a significant pressure on local roads and services from the proposed trebling of the number of homes on the site.  
  • The proposed high rise buildings – up to 14 storeys in height -will loom over our 2-3 storey terraces and will be visible over a wide area.  This will have a significant impact on the Inkerman Conservation Area. 
  • Residents are really concerned about the loss of green space along Grafton Road, which is currently one of the few green open spaces locally, and will create a canyon effect.  This is a very well used walking route for our residents going to Queens Crescent, Hampstead Heath and local services. 
  • The real housing demand in the area is for low cost family housing, preferably social housing.  The scheme as it stands offers no significant gain for this but instead increases the number of some notionally “affordable” (not specifically social) homes and, most significantly, homes at market prices.  This is not in line with Camden’s own priorities. 
  • Despite Thames Water’s assurances that they are happy with the scheme, local people are particularly concerned about the potential impact of the development on already inadequate drainage systems. With increasingly extreme weather, there is a possibility of flash flooding.  This is always a worry for ground level housing, but there could be real problems for the proposed basement developments. 
  • Given the recent restrictions on road traffic in the area (specifically Grafton Road and Queens Crescent) the scale and duration of this development during the construction phase is likely to impact heavily on some streets within the Inkerman Area.  A reduction in scale could reduce this impact. 

Given the above, we are particularly concerned about the exclusion from the required Environmental Impact Assessment of the following issues, and wish to see these included. They are: 

– Geo-Environmental; 

– Water Resources, Drainage and Flood Risk; 

– Light Pollution4; 

– Project Vulnerability5; 

– Transport and Access; and 

– Waste and Materials.