Very successful street party on 5 June

Thanks to the initiative of Dilip of Alma St in suggesting a Queens Jubilee event, quite a band of helpers developed. We closed the end of Inkerman Road, which made an ideal area for a gathering and for the kids to tear about – which they certainly did. At a guess there were about 35 or 40 adults – and name labels were popular as it allowed us to put faces to the names that we had been seeing on WhatsApp for months and months.

Lots of people brought great food to eat -and cakes for the Cake Baking Competition. And of course – after due reverence – the cakes were eaten too.


The Leader of the Council know where the grassroots grow!

First prize to Kris who was helped by Eloise and Darcey
Second prize to Emma from Alma St
Third prize for Thrya from Azania Mews whose mother Sayeda brought lovely pakoras.

In some senses this was a very good taster and warm up for the much larger Alma St Fair on 3 July – quite a different animal with three streets closed, four music stages, 150 stalls for local people and firms etc.

Lots of people said how nice it was to have our modest really local street party and ideas are knowing about around having this more regularly. A few times a year?