Update August 2020

Dear Members

Future of the High Street

Changes to the Planning Laws are being rushed through by the Government and will override Local Authority policies (for example on the percentage of retail). Even before Covid19 it seemed that some change in the nature of High Streets is inevitable, but there is concern that a total lack of local control could result in a pretty unattractive lookout. 

Here is a link to an article that raises serious concerns https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/aug/04/boris-johnson-nimbyism-planning-changes-disastrous-england-   This is a very strongly worded alarm call by Simon Jenkins – and some will find it extreme. “The most extraordinary upheaval in modern British government is to be introduced this week by Boris Johnson. He is, in effect, to end planning permission.  Local councils and those they represent are to be stripped of control over new buildings, to be replaced by central government zoning commissions. “

Another more factual paper is also attached.   We are told there will be more detail tomorrow apparently and we will come back with more information on what seems to be a very major issue.  Any information and views that members have would be welcome.  

Kentish Town Road Action, who have protected the High Street for many years are extremely concerned and are touch with Keir Starmer about the proposals.  keir.starmer.mp@parliament.uk.

Meanwhile Dee has spotted this from Camden, and writes:

On a related matter, a contact just pointed me to the Camden Council high streets consultation (in case others haven’t seen it): – https://camdenfuturehighstreets.commonplace.is/?utm_content=&utm_medium=email&utm_name=&utm_source=govdelivery&utm_term=

Its first initiative seems to be on KT Road.”

Radio masts on Monmouth House

People have until 15 August to comment on the planning application to put a very large telecoms installation on the roof of Monmouth House.

Monmouth House Raglan Street London NW5 3BX
Installation of 12 x pole mounted antenna (top height of masts 41.75m AGL from ground level / 6m from roof level), 4 x dishes, equipment cabinets and ancillary development thereto.Application number: 2020/3008/P
Application type: GPDO Prior Approval DeterminationView Application

Click on the link above to view the details and add any comments. Based on feedback from our previous consultation on this, and comments to date, we will be objecting from IARA and quoting the developer who states they have rejected other possible sites on the grounds that

The site is adjacent to a conservation area and is considered to have a greater impact on visual amenity than the proposed site”.

As Monmouth House is adjacent to and already towers above the Inkerman Conservation Area there are strong arguments to object. We are also aware that the Raglan Estate Tenants and Residents Association will be objecting.

We have been in touch with the Planning Officers dealing with this application, who would welcome feedback. Please let us know if you do send in comments.

Local History
Mary was recently in touch with Martin, who co-produces a newsletter for Ryland Road. The newsletter has contained a number of articles about people who used to live in the area (particularly Ryland Road) and recently produced one which Mary provided about Fred Cunningham, formerly of 32 Raglan Street. Mary and David recorded Fred’s reminiscences before he died, in 2011 and you can read it here:

Cleaner wanted …
Jeremy (Alma Street) is looking for a reliable cleaner. If you can recommend someone who is looking for work please contact him 

… and a typist
Rosemary asks
“if you know of anyone who does secretarial work? Typing articles specifically?”

If you do, contact her at rosemary.weinstein@hotmail.co.uk

Get creative!
Not much response to our suggestion that people send us pictures of their creative efforts during lockdown, but Mary has not only sent us these pictures of her lovely mosaics, but also sent us the attached very moving poem about the times we live in. More to share please!

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