Update 5 November Lockdown support, planning issues and a lot more

Dear Members

Local supportSo, here we go again with lockdown. If you are someone who needs help to get shopping or prescriptions, or just someone to chat to, we still have a list of local people who are willing to help so do let us know and we will try to match you with someone.

Another good way to stay in touch with neighbours is to join the IARA WhatsApp group – now over 50 people – so let us have your phone number if you would like to do that.

Annual General MeetingIt’s been quite a year and in a few weeks we’ll be reporting on it at our Annual General Meeting, which will be on the evening of Monday 7 December. Sadly, this year no party – just a zoom meeting. We’ll be sending out details nearer the time, and our heroic street reps will be delivering a paper notice to most households in the next week or two.

Watch out for Parking Restrictions next week.

See widespread signs on the posts – different details for different streets – all day no parking within 5 metres of each lamppost. We have not been able to see if this is for simple maintenance – although someone suggested they are all being converted to charging points for electric cars. That would be nice.

Work starting on Raglan House

Most people will know (but new members who join all the time may not..) that this is the rather good building on the corner of Raglan Street and Anglers Lane which has recently been boarded up for work to start. Until 2017 it was a Day Centre for people with dementia but it was sold to a developer who has been very consultative and plans to save the appearance of the building and create six quite decent looking homes.

Camden Planning documents are at http://camdocs.camden.gov.uk/HPRMWebDrawer/PlanRec?q=recContainer:%222019/4825/P%22  and include a Heritage Statement at

http://camdocs.camden.gov.uk/HPRMWebDrawer/Record/7875576/file/document?inline Page 6 onwards has some interesting historical background. There is also an archaeological assessment starting with an examination of the history of the site from the stone age – nothing much shows up, but it has some interesting maps. You may like to link this to the IARA History of the area in maps at: https://www.inkermanresidents.org.uk/history/history-of-the-area-through-maps-introduction

They have also produced a construction management plan. If you would like to see this, let us know.

New Street Trees   Oh well. On Sunday we planted some of the empty tree pits with a lavender bush, bulbs and hollyhock seeds. And on the Tuesday the council dug them up to put in trees. To be fair, they left the lavender next to the tree and presumably the bulbs are still there. That was in Inkerman where one of the trees is a Malus Mokum (aka crab apple) and the other unidentified. In Alma we have a new Prunus Spire (aka cherry.)   Not complaining at all – thank you very much Camden Tree Department. 


Thanks to the Ryland Road newsletter for this update on foodbanks:

“With the second wave threatening to be worse than the first, vulnerable people in our area will be particularly exposed again to the effects of the pandemic. One nearby foodbank initially set up to provide meals during Ramadan has decided to expand. It is situated in the Queens Crescent Community Centre (QCCA) in Ashdown Crescent, NW5. We visited it on Thursday, before the second lockdown was announced, and met one of the organisers, Michele, as well as one of the clients.

The project started in April as part of their ‘Fight C19’ Covid emergency response. It was called ‘Iftar For All’ because it distributed Iftars during Ramadan – the meal with which Muslims break their fast during the holy month. The initiative was always meant to be open to everyone, and they realised that nearly 70% of the people who came weren’t fasting – they were just hungry. Around a fifth of them were also homeless. So they are carrying on the spirit of Iftar for as long as they can beyond Ramadan, which ended on May 23rd.

The new service is called ‘Supper For All’ which means a free evening meal to anyone who wants it, “without stigma, question or judgement”. They distribute hot meals in front of the community centre on Mondays to Fridays at 5pm – and say they have delivered as many as 250 meals in a single night.

To donate Michele says they are looking for donations of food as well as toiletries & feminine hygiene products and also financial donations. Any donation we can make to ‘Supper For All’ would be welcomed. Here are some examples of what is done with money donated. £2.50 will cover the cost of one meal £10 will feed a family of four £75 would feed one person for the whole month £300 would feed a family.

Michele told us they would also welcome people getting involved in preparing and serving food or delivering food parcels. If you’d like to know more or would like to get involved please let Trisha or Etienne know.

Food and other donations are also always needed at the following places:

Camden Food Bank RCCG City Church 14 Pratt Mews, NW1 0AD Tuesdays & Fridays 12-15.30 Sundays 10-12
Chalk Farm Food Bank c/o Chalk Farm Baptist Church Berkley Road Eglon Mews NW1 8YS Thursdays 10.30-12
Euston Food Bank St Pancras Church House Somers Town 1 Lancing Street NW1 1NA Tuesdays 12-4 Thursdays 5.30-7 Saturdays 11-12.30 Sundays 2-3.30”

Proposed refurbishment of 3-6 Spring Place – ie the continuation of Willes Road northwards – would you like to be involved in a consultation?There are new proposals for the old Addison Lee building in Spring Place, and the developer has sent us some details which are attached.  It talks somewhat vaguely about creating a flexible commercial space but we gather a plan may be for it to be a distribution depot for incoming goods to be sent out further which might generate quite a major traffic load:

I am writing to introduce you to SEGRO’s emerging proposals to regenerate an existing vacant industrial unit at Spring Place in Kentish Town. We are currently engaging in pre-application discussions with LB Camden’s planning officers and hope to submit a planning application shortly, but I wanted to give you an early sight or our refurbishment plans that will create a modern industrial and warehouse space to support local business growth and job creation.

We thought you might be interested to read the attached, which provides some background to the project and highlights the quality of the employment scheme that is being proposed. We trust this gives a helpful overview of the long term investment plans SEGRO has for the Borough, and will assist us in ensuring that the relevant issues are considered through the planning process.

Please let me know if you have any questions or require further information. We’d be very happy to meet representatives of the Inkerman Area Residents Association via video conference to introduce SEGRO in detail and share our plans. If this is of interest then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Neil Impiazzi

Partnership Development Director www.SEGRO.com”We know that some of you are interested to be involved in what will happen on this site, so please let us know if you would like to be involved in a video conference to discuss the plans.

Writing/video project for women isolated by CovidWe have this in from Pascal Theatre Company

“I’m making contact to give you information about The Pascal Theatre Company’s latest project ‘Giving Voice’ to support women who are feeling particularly isolated as a result of Covid restrictions. I wonder if it would be of interest to any of your residents.

The project involves female participants choosing a photo (or other prompt) that has some significance to them and sharing the story behind the photo. They can choose to produce a written or spoken text (max 500 words) that will form part of an online storybook (to be launched in spring 2021) on the Pascal Theatre Company website: http://www.pascal-theatre.com/. They are offered the chance, if they want, to partner a professional writer or actor to help them do this so they can enjoy having contact with someone outside their home and who has creative skills that they will, hopefully, find inspiring. Contact will be made by phone/Zoom/email – whatever suits the participant best.

I’m attaching a flier with a little more information and hope that you can help us share news of this opportunity with your community (sorry but women only).

If anyone is interested in participating, they can contact me so I can answer any questions and explain more about how the project works.

Many thanks for your assistance in this.

Sally (Mijit) sally@pascal-theatre.com”

Camden Housing Action GroupCamden Housing Action Group is a new Mutual Aid group that focuses on renters (both private and social) in the Camden area, to help them learn about their rights as renters, and to prevent and resist evictions. If you may be affected by this, let us know and we’ll forward the full information.

Imagine your dream Camden in 2030

This is from the Camden New Journal via Transition Town.

Neighbours, artists, activists, students, businesses and dreamers. What would Camden look like in 2030 if our borough rises to the challenges of tackling the climate emergency and social inequality? What news and issues would fill our local newspaper?

We are inviting people who live, work and play in Camden to write newspaper articles or create images describing life in Camden in 2030. Imagine Camden has met its climate targets* and things have changed to reflect the needs of our communities and the environment. We want your compelling stories that imagine a fairer, happier, and less consumption-based society – stories that will give us all fresh and hopeful ways to think about the future of Camden.

A selection of your stories and images will be printed in our special four page wrap around of the Camden New Journal on the 7th January 2021. Content can be anything from a photo-collage to a kid’s poster; from a short poem to a full article. All entries will be turned into an art exhibition and be published online.
• What does your area
   look like?
• What can you hear?
• How do you get around?
• How do you connect with
• How do you use energy?
• How do we treat the most
   disadvantaged in our
• How is your food grown
   and transported?
• What arts and culture
   are on offer?
• What work do you do?
• What are the hot topics
   in zero-carbon Camden?
• How do we celebrate and
   have fun?

The deadline for submitting entries is 27th November 2020.Up to 300 words per written entry, images must be in PDF or JPG.
For more information and to submit your articles and images, contact: cnj2030edition@gmail.com.

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