Update 28 June 2020

Dear Members

Hope all is well with everyone and you are enjoying some new freedom while staying safe.

Alma Street Fair 2020 – via Twitter

Paul and John spent a pleasant afternoon in a garden very close to where the main stage would have been for the Fair. They were tweeting links to the videos on the website https://www.inkermanresidents.org.uk/ every half hour or so, and there were about 250 interactions each time – including a like and a retweet from Mr. Hudson, main stage 2009. Fond memories! Thanks again to Jeff for the lovely films.

The new Business and Planning Bill 2020 – some possible serious problems for Kentish Town. 

This Bill was published on 25 June 2020, and proposes significant changes designed to help licensed premises to survive and then bounce-back from the pandemic lockdown. The provisions include:

1. A new “Pavement Licence” regime, to be administered by local authorities, designed to make it easier for premises in England serving food and drink such as bars, restaurants and pubs to seat and serve customers outdoors through temporary changes to planning procedures and alcohol licensing.

2. Alcohol licensing changes that will allow operators with existing alcohol on-sales licences to also serve alcohol for consumption off the premises and to make deliveries.

The implications for Kentish Town are serious. It effectively means we could have a lot of pop-up bars serving drink into plastic glasses on the High St.

Caroline Hill is chair of Kentish Town Road Action who have been working for years to maintain the health of the High St. She says: “What particularly concerns me is the selling of off-sales of alcohol in open containers. This would be a disaster for KT Road.”

If you want more information go to: https://www.localgovernmentlawyer.co.uk/licensing/316-licensing-features/44133-al-fresco-eating-and-drinking-under-the-business-and-planning-bill-2020

Caroline suggests we contact our MP and Camden but it seems that it will be rushed through Parliament on Monday.  It will then be a huge demand on Camden to process applications within 7 days. 

Antisocial behaviour by some residents.  

In a previous Newsletter we printed a request from Melanie who lives in Monmouth Huse: 

“I notice that people outside of our estate are using our recycling bins. Sometimes for things like garden waste. The problem with this is that this actually makes all the recycling unrecyclable, it also means that we have to contend with larger amounts of waste than our bins can handle so either it ends up getting blown around our estate as the bins won’t shut or only providing the option to throw recyclable waste in the landfill bin.”

Since then someone from Raglan St has dumped a sofa within the estate.  And people are “Exercising their dogs” on the grass and some are even not picking up the mess. 

IARA has long been aware of our lack of engagement with people on the Raglan Estate – i.e. Monmouth House and Alpha Court. The work of many members with Transition on planting on the garden area along Raglan St was a good start at making connections – but this disrespectful behaviour by other residents is the exact opposite of that.  

As Melanie said previously: 

I think part of the problem may be that people consider council estate services to be general public services but they are not.  
New Coronavirus (COVID-19) cycling safety measures on Prince of Wales Road (eastbound)

From the council:


· Camden Council are making changes on Prince of Wales Road to make it safer and easier for you to cycle locally and to reach key locations in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

· We will be installing protected mandatory cycle lanes, eastbound on Prince of Wales Road, between Haverstock Hill and Grafton Road, to complement the existing westbound cycle track currently under construction

· To facilitate these protected cycle lanes, we will be removing all parking on the north side of Prince of Wales Road, totalling 46 parking resident permit holder bays, a car club bay and loading bay

· We will be installing Shared Use Bus Boarders on eastbound bus stops to protect cyclists around those bus stops

· Work will take place from 06 July, between 9am and 5pm

· You can share your comments on these changes via safetravel@Camden.gov.uk

· You can find out more about these changes on our website: https://www.camden.gov.uk/making-travel-safer-in-camden

The story of Chris, living under the bridge at Kentish Town West station
Many of you are familiar with Chris, who has been resident in the area for many months. Trisha in Ryland Road interviewed him for their newsletter, and Chris has agreed we can share his very interesting life story more widely. You’ll find it here https://www.inkermanresidents.org.uk/history/the-story-of-chris-living-opposite-kentish-town-west-station

Could we recycle more?

Saisha has sent us this:

I just wanted to share a resource with you that I myself came to learn of recently:


TerraCycle is a global recycling company that offers free programmes to recycle materials that are otherwise hard to recycle (such as toothpaste tubes, crisp packets, etc.)

I’ve always been conscious of recycling and minimising how much we waste, but lately I have been looking into more sustainable solutions to recycle other items around the house and found this. 

Their programmes are free for anyone to use, and you can either sign up as an individual or a household, or even a community. If there’s anyone else in the neighborhood that might be interested in this, please pass this on!”

One Double Bedroom Flat for Rent, Alma Street:

Charlotte has asked us to share details of her flat on Alma Street that is available to rent mid-end August. Information and pictures can be found here:


and please feel free to email: charlottekirkham1@gmail.com

Holmes Road student accommodation (Magnet site)
Quite a few people have put in objections to the developer adding a 7th storey to this already troublesome building. If you’ve been meaning to and haven’t yet, the details are below and you have until 5 July to add comments.

65-69 Holmes Road London NW5 3AN
Erection of 7th of roof extension to facilitate the creation of 27 student accommodation rooms (Sui Generis) to existing student accommodationApplication number: 2020/2406/P
Application type: Full Planning PermissionView Application

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