Update 19 May 2020

Dear Members

Progress on the Pizza Express siteThere is a new planning application, which is to put up a temporary illuminated advertising space on 187 Kentish Town Road. Details are here:
Application number: 2020/1947/A
Application type: Advertisement Consent   View Application

Stephen, from Prince of Wales Road, had a look at the application and spotted this:

“This application building was the subject of a redevelopment project to provide two-storey roof extension and apartments (application ref: 2013/8301/P) under the previous owner, Uplift Property. The project stalled, however, and the building changed hands in 2018. The new owners, Vable Construction, are in the process of building out a revised redevelopment proposal to deliver a cinema at ground floor level and apartments above (application ref: 2018/5059/P). The construction project is nearing completion and scaffolding is due to be struck by 04/11/2020 (see the Construction Programme submitted with this application).”

Telephone support for isolated people
We’ve already been in touch about this with some of you who had earlier volunteered to help, and had an encouraging response. We thought we would send this out more widely, so do get back to us if you are interested.We’ve had an email from a commissioning manager, Miranda Griffith, at Camden Council who is looking for volunteers who might support people whose mental and physical health are at risk with telephone befriending. This would involve a weekly phone call to someone who is known to Camden & Islington NHS Trust and in need of support. There would be back up from the NHS Trust.

It may be simplest if we copy part of the email here:

Mind in Camden and Likewise are currently working with other voluntary and community partners that collectively form Camden Council’s commissioned ‘Resilience Network’, to form a new single point of access (SPA) to support Camden residents who are known to Camden & Islington NHS Trust during the Coronavirus pandemic, to ensure that people whose mental and physical health are at risk are provided to a range of offers, including link up to befriending support in the community.

Please could you kindly let me know whether your befriending group is still running, and whether it has some capacity to be included in a directory for liaison staff to be able to refer a person from this service who would like to be linked in to such a scheme?

If you are happy with this and a referral was to be made to your organisation, a liaison worker would email or phone your organisation with a brief description of the person (with their consent of course), and would also be able to provide a named contact from Camden & Islington NHS Trust to liaise with if your volunteer had any concerns about someone’s wellbeing, or is no long able/ willing to continue with the calls.”

Since this first email we have been in touch to clarify what is needed, and Miranda has replied:

To respond to your queries, a weekly phone call would be what is required, and we could certainly arrange it for the Camden & Islington NHS staff member to provide some advice to a volunteer.

Perhaps the best thing to do would be, should a person be found who has low support needs and is found to be suitable for a befriending call, then we could contact you / a colleague directly via email and or phone with details of the person, and you could have a conversation about them to see who best to match them with?”

We have already responded to say that we can help, so get in touch if you would like to be on the list of potential support volunteers.

Crime alertJust a reminder that not everyone is displaying community spirit. In particular there have been thefts of plants from street gardens, and reports of attempted and actual bicycle thefts. Don’t forget to report all crime to the police, and let us know so that John, our link to the Safer Neighbourhoods Team, can report back to the team (who regularly look at priorities for their work, so reporting really helps).
RCA Students Working on Tackling Social Isolation Amongst the Seniors-Collaboration

In an earlier update we told you about this project.  The students have now made progress with it, and have asked us to circulate details of a virtual event they are holding on Saturday afternoon.  If any of you want to take part, do let us have your feedback.

Hi everyone! Hope all of you are doing well. We are Radhika and Carrie from the Royal College of Art and we are looking at bringing people from all walks of life within our communities together to create a co-learning support network. We are organising a virtual community fair on Saturday afternoon, 23rd May. With everyone stuck at home, we thought this would be a great way to get all the Kentish town residents together.

It’ll be a great way for us to know more people around us, and perhaps even get in touch with the ones we already know of. It could even be your next door neighbour! We hope you’ll enjoy this fun filled session, with some activities that we have organised to help you understand and co-design your community the way you want to experience it. 

To participate in the event, please register here.

We would love for residents of all ages and backgrounds to be a part of our community event to make it more lively, inclusive and merry!

D & D
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