Two green developments locally

1. We have now changed the scope of the Trees WhatsApp group (23 participants) which started as a way of making sure new street trees survived by watering them during the drought in the summer.  We are expanding that to include a focus on gardens, both private and the ones under the trees, and window boxes etc.    So it’s now the IARA Trees and Gardening Group.  

There has been mention of ideas like offering each other advice, extra plants that we may have, or seeds, the shared use of tools, buying compost etc in larger quantities than each of us might need and so on.

We might extend it to visiting each other’s gardens or examining each other’s window-boxes and getting advice from local expert members – like Dilip – about trees and gardening.

As a starter example, last year one of us supplied some small hollyhock seedlings to a number of people and we now have a collection of seeds, colour-coded.  There is also a question about planting an apple tree.

Even more ambitiously, maybe we could explore linking with local resources like the parks and the Heath? We could also discuss whether that might extend to a more general embracing of nature issues such as ornithology or interest in wildlife

2. Sustain IARA is another subgroup dedicated to wider issues of sustainability “to implement and share knowledge of Climate mitigation and resilience, Sustainable and Regenerative action in the Inkerman Area. “

For example:

– Climate / carbon / energy /PV

– Travel / Car pool / shared bikes, cars and other vehicles / EV charging

– Public realm / Parklets / seating

– Recycling / Reuse / exchange

– Buildings / insulation / retrofit / grants

– Shopping locally / eco-deliveries

– Biodiversity

Meeting every 2nd Wed of every other month.