Spring newsletter – Alma Street Fair, Film Quarter, Kentish Town walkabouts, Green issues, crime … and more

The Big Event! The Alma Street Fair 23 June 2024  … 

when local residents and local firms and organisations unite in a one-day event which means we close the streets and have three music stages and dancing and 100+ stalls selling food and drink and lots more. 

Stall reservations now open on Eventbrite  https://almastreetfair2024.eventbrite.co.uk

Volunteer for the day?

For the last Alma Street Fair in 2022, over 50 people helped on the day in one way or another, and we hope to match that this year.  There are lots of ways to help – setting up the tables, putting up bunting, helping stallholders to their space, giving out programmes, being a steward for a couple of hours, clearing up at the end.  If you know you can help, or would like to find out more, please reply to this email and we’ll put you in touch with our hardworking volunteer team.

Organise children’s activities?

 If you would like to run a table or a space with art materials/games/soft play please let us know.  We would like this to be a day that offers a lot for families with children.

Regis Road development and the Camden Film Quarter

Camden’s chosen developer for the Regis Road site, Yoo Capital, are holding a further series of consultation meetings at the Greenwood Centre on the 16th,18th or 20th April – further details included in their invitation attached. You should also receive a copy through the door soon.

Kentish Town walkabouts

These walkabouts are to help everyone know more about Kentish Town, and each one has a different theme.  These are the details from the organisers.

The next Kentish Town Connects walkabouts are coming up, so whether you are a resident of Kentish Town, work for a local organisation or charity, or simply want to get to know the neighbourhood, please join us!

  • On Thursday 25 April (12.30 – 2pm), the Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum will be leading an ‘Interesting Places and Spaces’ walkabout, where we’ll be hearing about upcoming developments as well as celebrating existing buildings and locations. Meet at 12.30pm at 2 Prince of Wales Road, NW5 3LQ.
  • On Wednesday 1 May (5 – 6.30pm) we’ll be connecting with nature on the ‘Urban Greening’ walkabout, led by Transition Kentish Town. We’ll be learning about the pockets of green space in a variety of spaces, from a GP surgery to a fire station, and catching up over soft drinks and nibbles at the end. Meet at 5pm at Kentish Town Health Centre, 2 Bartholomew Road, London, NW5 2BX 

Please help us: promote with everyone you think would like to join via sharing the attached flyer (updated with QR code) and share the booking link – found online here

Other walking -on a very informal level, last year we had a one off micro-event when one person said they were planning to walk down to the cafe in Regents Park if anyone else wanted to come along and it resulted in a very enjoyable walk and talk.  With Summer coming (sure?) we could do more – including The Heath. 

Remember there’s an article on the website about walks .. https://www.inkermanresidents.org.uk/walks/walks-from-the-inkerman-area which could really do with more work on it.  (The website has a lot of other interesting stuff. And all previous Newsletters. Surf around it!) 

Retrofit Kentish Town

Rafe has posted this on the WhatsApp group:

“As part of Retrofit Kentish Town, we are putting together a series of talks at Kentish Town Community Centre. These are about the three topics that we got feedback that were most wanted. We are planning expert talks, but we are also really interested in hearing from people who have actual experience, or going through the process, of any of the following:

– involved in getting grants, green loans, green mortgages for their home (national or local schemes)
– received a retrofit plan from Ecofurb or any other scheme, or from an engineer, architect or builder.
– Involved in retrofit of flats with community group / residents associates / tenants association / housing association / landlord / Camden Council

The dates for these are:
Tuesday April 23rd  (early evening – 6:30pm) – Retrofit financial support
Saturday 18th May (afternoon – 3.30pm) – Planning retrofit works
Tuesday 18th June (early evening – 6.30pm)- Retrofitting flats

If you are, it would be great to involve you in the discussion somehow. Also, if you have a lot of knowledge in this area from some other perspective, please let us know.”

IARA WhatsApp group

Not everyone loves all the chat on the group, (Yes it can get just too intense) but as you can see from the above it’s often very useful for sharing important information.

If you’d like to join, please email us with your name, street and mobile number.

We do have certain agreed protocols: Obviously courtesy. No politics. Please DM (Direct Message) if appropriate to reduce total numbers of postings. This is especially true if someone offers things or asks for help.  Rather than responding with a whole new posting why not use “Reactions”? ie those emojis that pop up along the top if you press and hold the posting. You can press the + and get the full range.  And, so that everyone in the group has an idea who is posting, we ask you to sign your posting with a first name and street.

And – new members may not be aware of this – there are a number of sub groups:  Local History, Theatre Goers, Dog lovers, Cat lovers, Gardening and SustainIARA – for a more tech approach – eg see above from Rafe.  

And, as you might expect, there are articles on the website that pick up some of these interests:   22 articles on Local History starting here: https://www.inkermanresidents.org.uk/history/introduction   10 articles on Gardening and Sustainability   eg:  https://www.inkermanresidents.org.uk/gardening/sustain-iara-the-inkerman-area-residents-association-sustainability-group-information-sheet-on-some-local-houses and just Google IARA Gardening 

To join any (or all?) of these, please just email IARA as above. 

Local Elections 2 May – Mayor and London Assembly.  At the Congregational Church in Kelly Street. And we now need I/D  https://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/voting-and-elections/voter-id/accepted-forms-photo-id?gad_source=1&gclsrc=aw.ds

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