Plans for Regis Rd

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Subject: Plans for Regis Road, and a little obituary

Dear Members

Regis Road

As many of you know, Camden Council has ambitious plans for the redevelopment of the Regis Road Industrial Estate, which includes the Camden Recycling Centre, as well Veolia depot on Holmes Rd and the Camden flats above the depot.  They have appointed a developer, Yoo Capital (, to work with the many other landowners on the site to provide housing and employment.

We and representatives from the Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum, were invited to meet their senior team, together with Georgia Gould, Leader of the Council, relevant Council Officers and  Meric Apak (another of our local councillors), and to listen to their presentation about their ideas for the site. We attach the link to the presentation.

On housing, there is a commitment to 50% affordable housing, with 60% of that at a social rent and the remainder at an intermediate level (aimed at a family/keyworker mix).

Their central idea on employment is to create a “Film Quarter” for the creative industries. They have been talking to the British Film Institute who have encouraged them that that the time is ripe for this.  This could include some training opportunities.

They talked about creating green spaces and the possibility of links to the Heath and then being part of a Green Corridor going South through parks and squares.  There is a commitment to keeping a Recycling Centre on site “if that is what people want”

They gave us examples of recent projects (Olympia and Shepherds Bush Market) to demonstrate the extent of their community consultation and involvement.

They will be starting consultation through workshops and meetings from September.  When this starts, we hope that many of us will take part, as it is really important that they hear from local people what we would like to see on the site, before there is a formal planning application.  Given that the construction phase will last years, we will all want the outcome to be something we want.

We will keep you posted as things progress.