Planning, roads, art, crime … more 31.8.21

Holmes Road – plans for a Healthy Schools Street 

IARA was invited at short notice to a zoom meeting with local councillors and council officers, where we heard about plans to consult on a 2 stage approach to dealing with the severe traffic congestion in Holmes Road.  The first stage would be to make it a Healthy School Street, with limited access at specific times of the day.  If this is supported it could be followed later by more major ideas for limiting access.  We will try to arrange a follow up meeting in a few weeks’ time so Camden can get early feedback from local residents.

Segro’s application for a depot in Spring Place 

We were assured at the Holmes Road meeting that planners are well aware of the above plans and that Segro’s application is opposed by our three ward councillors. We’re aware that there have been problems for some of you who want to post comments on Camden’s website.  Our local councillor Meric Apak is trying to get this resolved.  Meanwhile, if you do have a problem, you can instead email the planning officer at, remembering to quote planning reference 2020/5913/P  

If the site is working for you (click here to View Application),  you can see some excellent objections already posted since the amendments to the application appeared on 6 August. If these inspire you, we would encourage you to post your own comments, and the deadline is now 12 September.

Local crime – car owners be alert! 

Martin has sent us this from Ryland Road – and we are aware of a similar theft in Alma Street: 

At 10.03 last night two young men were seen taking the converter from a BMW  

It was parked just outside the nursery and the theft happened in a flash. From the time the sound of an angle-grinder was heard cutting through the converter to the two thieves being seen running down the street was less than two minutes.  

 In addition to reporting any theft to the police, you might want to look at the advice from the RAC.

Norman Miller: A Retrospective at 26 Willes Road. 

Many of you knew Norman and his wife Norma.  Norman was a painter, and his god-daughter, Ondine, has arranged an exhibition of his work at the house in Willes Road where he and Norma lived for many years.  See attached invitation. 

Private View: Thursday 30th September, 5 – 8 pm. (Please RSVP to

Exhibition Continues: 1st – 17th October, by Appointment, see details below.
Open House Weekend: Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th October, 10 AM – 4PM.

Curated by Ondine Gillies
Catalogue Text by Dr. Thalia Allington-Wood

The Estate of Norman Miller is delighted to invite you to the private view and exhibition

West Kentish Town development

This has been forwarded to us from a neighbour in West Kentish Town.  See attached invitation, which may be of interest to people who live nearby. And the area is in fact very close to the Inkerman Area.

The neighbour writes: 

“The first event is Tuesday 7th at 600pm. Although it is called a ‘workshop’, our involvement appears to be limited to asking questions. When you go to the link on the QR code, you can register by giving your name and email address. It would be good if many people could attend, regardless of whether they have received the flyer.  

I have seen the presentation boards and am afraid to say that the proposals look very similar to the PRP scheme. This is not surprising given that the brief has not changed. The buildings appear to be lower on Grafton Road and Queens Crescent, but higher on Athlone Street/ Warden Road (10- 13 stories). 

The issues that jumped out at me when I saw the boards were: 

– the design going ahead without the Community Vision planning framework being published 

– lack of any community or works space in the proposal (there is a proposal for a heath centre/ doctors surgery on the Queens Crescent frontage to Queens Crescent) 

– lack of space for trees 

– nothing mentioned about nature and biodiversity 

– over-dense development 

– overbearing height on Warden Road and Athlone Street” 

Accommodation wanted 

John T is asking for a friend: 

“Does anyone have or know of a house in North London close to Swiss Cottage or Primrose Hill which some (reliable and considerate actor friends of mine) could rent for 3 months from September whilst the woman is on a play?  Sept to Dec”

IARA Local History Group

Following our meeting earlier in the year it’s been a quiet time – we hope to get things going again later in September.  Meanwhile, Vivienne has sent in a wonderful piece of research about the great Kentish Town Railway Crash of 1861.  If you would like us to forward it to you and/or would like to join the Local History WhatsApp group, let us know.
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