November Update.

Kentish Town lights – festive switch on 

See attached flyer for this year’s event, on Saturday 26th November. 

  • Christmas market, crafts and stories at the Library from 1 – 5 pm 
  • Live music from 4.30 pm at the Kentish Town canopy, then at the Lady Hamilton pub from 6.30 
  • Special offers from participating stores 

A Fundraising Concert For Ukraine 

And on the same evening, at 7.30 pm there is more music – this time from our very own Michael Storey who has sent us the attached flyer.  Details are:  


An intimate setting, by candlelight. Songs and instrumentals by local composer & performer, Michael Storey.  

All proceeds will go to Tearfund to help them with the work they are doing with those affected by the war in Ukraine.  

Click event link below for further information and to purchase tickets:

Late night drinking and entertainment. 

You may be a bit bored and cynical about consultations but if you want to preserve some peace and quiet in the area please check out this important consultation about Camden’s night life. It is called “Developing a strategy for evening and night time.” And it hugely emphasises the economic value of the ENTE (evening and night-time economy) and is very light on consideration of residents. The introduction says: 

“Camden’s evening and night time is a significant part of our overall economy – our ENTE was ranked the 6th largest in the UK pre-Covid – and also helps underpin our goal of being a dynamic and inclusive central London borough. Setting a clear vision for our night time through this Strategy will help protect our strengths while responding to the challenges facing our communities and businesses.

Camden is home to 7,000 businesses that work after 6pm, including those within the arts, hospitality, and leisure sectors. These businesses employ around 100,000 people and make nearly £1billion yearly.  We want to help the existing evening and night time economy here in Camden by supporting local businesses, creating better job opportunities and greater benefits for the community.”

Not a lot about local residents and any conflicts arising from their possible desire for restrictions on late night noise.   

Many of the answers to the consultation are enthusiastic. But you may wonder why this questionnaire that we are invited to complete lumps together residents with visitors? These are two groups who obviously may have a very different approach to late night entertainment. So the design of the questionnaire is clearly going to produce very misleading results.  

 If as a local resident you wish to have your voice heard then click below.

Click here to view our proposals and have your say 

 Liaison with local schools 

We have recently had meetings with staff from CFBL and St. Patrick’s.  We think and hope that this has improved relations between IARA and both schools, and opened up some opportunities for better communication and chances for local people to get involved with the schools if they want to, and for the schools to support IARA. Staff from both schools were very warmly welcoming and open to improving communications. 

At the meeting, staff at St. Patrick’s told us that they would be meeting with the organisers of the Sunday Car Boot Sale about some concerns they had about the impact on the school.  Following this, the organisers have decided to move their operation elsewhere after 17 December. 

Clean Air for Camden 

Camden council writes: 

“We are working with Opinium and other councils across London to learn more about how residents are heating their homes this winter. Share your views now and contribute to this research.  All responses are anonymous and the survey only takes 10 mins to complete.

Click here to share your thoughts  

Local Plan review consultation 

Also from the council: 

“We are writing to let you know that work has started on the review of the Camden Local Plan 2017, the Council’s main planning policy document, which provides the framework for managing development in the borough.  

As part of the Local Plan review the Council are keen to hear your views and understand how you think our policies can most effectively address key issues, such as climate change, the provision of affordable housing, the changing role of Camden’s high streets, housing delivery, job creation and economic development. This engagement will feed into the preparation of a draft updated Local Plan, that will be published for consultation in 2023. 

You can share your views online via the council’s Commonplace website and can also email responses and comments to:    

Responses should be submitted by 5pm on the 13 January 2023.” 

And more from Camden – how to spend the Community Infrastructure Levy funds for our area. 

We would also like to hear your ideas to see whether there is any kind of consensus in IARA about this 

“When new building projects take place in Camden, the developers are usually charged a fee known as the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). Some of this money is used to fund key infrastructure across the borough, and some of it is used to help make sure that the development contributes towards the local area. This is known as the local CIL, and it can be used to fund improvements to streets and spaces, or health and community facilities, for example. 

To make sure local CIL funds are spent on the things most important to you, we want your views and ideas. Do you think your area needs more investment in environmental improvements, or in facilities for young people, for example? Please give us your thoughts before Monday 19th December 2022. This information will then be passed to your ward councillors who will prepare a list of proposed spending priorities for each ward. 

Give us your suggestions – 

Find out more about Camden’s CIL at 

Contact us at” 

Sustainable Schools Competition – from Veolia 

We are asking students to research and think critically about issues that are impacting their local environment, and to offer an innovative real-world solution in response. Students can enter Veolia’s Sustainable Schools Competition by submitting either a video, a poster, or a short essay on their proposed project. The winning school will receive up to £1,000 to get their project off the ground.  The competition runs from September until the end of November.

To submit an application email 

 For more information 

Click here for more information

Gospel Oak and Haverstock Community Vision 

You’ve probably had something about this already, but in case you haven’t, another one from Camden: 

“After listening to and learning from local people and community organisations through consultation starting in 2020, the Council prepared a draft planning guidance document to help to meet local priorities and to guide development and where and how money could be invested in the neighbourhood to make it a better place to live, work and visit. 

The draft planning guidance prepared by the Council is intended to ensure that, whatever proposals come forward as planning applications, they deliver a range of benefits. 

We would like to thank everyone who got involved and for your comments and a high number of responses were received. We have used the feedback to revise this planning framework, which the Council proposes to adopt as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) on 4th November 2022. 

You can view the revised document, the final consultation feedback report and the decision report here:  

Gospel Oak and Haverstock Community Vision 

Please feel free to let your friends, neighbours or colleagues also know. 

If you wish to make any comments or representations on this proposed decision and the revised SPD please send them to the Cabinet Member for New Homes, Jobs and Community Investment at 

If you have any other questions or want further information please email us at 

Elders Meeting 

The Independent Elders group will be meeting at The Grafton at 12 noon on Tuesday 22 November. No upper or lower age limit! Join us to catch up on local news and meet your neighbours for a coffee or a glass of something. 

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