Noise, traffic, volunteering and more – June update

The Beer Garden . In our last email we told you about the huge new beer garden that was due to open in Regis Road.  Those of you in the WhatsApp group will know that the story has moved on – here is a summary.

Last Monday four of us from IARA met some of the Directors and managers of The Garden, up at the site. 

It was certainly not looking much like a garden, but very busy preparations were underway for the opening that was due to happen on Thursday 24 June. 

They worked hard on being reassuring about how well managed it will be – all customers will be seated with table service. Copies of the rules on each table, lots of posters about good behaviour and consideration for neighbours. They say they’ll only be showing the England Euro games, not all of them. Closing at 11 pm.  At the end of the evening an elaborate Dispersal Policy with people being escorted at least to the entrance to Regis Road, lots of marshals and security etc. They claimed they run a similar business in Vauxhall with good relations with neighbours.
They gave us a number for residents to ring if there are concerns at any time they are open: 07759 822 904 and we now have other contact details if there are problems that can’t be resolved that way.  Please let us have any feedback on issues that arise so that we can monitor this and keep in touch with them.

We expressed great doubt this can be run in a way that is not extremely disruptive for people locally and so far some of our fears have been realised.  They did in fact open on Tuesday 22 June to show the England match.  Inevitably, there was a lot of noise from the site and since then we’ve had reports of music that has disturbed people in Holmes Road, Inkerman and also Spring Place, which backs immediately on to the site and where there are young families.
We’ve been in touch with Camden councillors about how they have been able to open with a temporary licence and no planning permission, and we have been promised a reply by 9 July.

​​Segro development in Spring Place​. It’s all been very quiet about massive warehouse company Segro’s application to have a “last mile delivery” depot in the old Addison Lee building in Spring Place.  The original application attracted over 500 objections, and we know that they have had further meetings with Camden officers to discuss possible amendments to the application.  They also approached both the schools in Holmes Road to see if they would withdraw their objections, but were met with a (courteous) refusal.  They now plan to meet the Leader of the council, who has sought our views.  We have made it clear that any application for B8 planning use (which covers distribution) will continue to be opposed, and we will continue to resist any proposals that would increase traffic on Holmes Road and our other local ​streets, and to support Healthy Street proposals for Holmes Road.

Vaccination Volunteers needed​Gary writes:”Hi All.  There is a special surge of vaccination clinics at the moment in the face of the new variants and increasing cases. If you would be interested in volunteering please do let me know. We need marshalls, welcome admin and computer administrators – no one needs to wield a needle or be present in a room where needles are if they don’t want to. We just need friendly faces and helpful souls for a few hours each shift.  You can volunteer for as many or as few shifts as you wish.  There are currently clinics 5 days a week am and pm in Kentish Town and South End Green.I can send details to any one who may have some spare time andemails me –”

Become a Camden tour guide?

Jenny has sent us the attached flyers about becoming a local guide – and a free walk with the guides around Kings Cross where you can find out more.​

From Gill:
“Not sure if it’s widely known but we can seemingly order bags for doorstep collection for clothes, small electricals and batteries via the Camden recycling website.  

Thought I’d share : You can order extra bags for clothes and textiles., household batteries and small electrical items Order bags “​Electric Scooter hire trial – consultation

We’ve had this from Camden:
“Transport for London has launched an electric scooter hire trial across parts of London. We are now consulting on whether to take part and how electric scooter hire in Camden would be managed. We are committed to exploring options for sustainable forms of transport and ways to tackle the climate crisis. The consultation closes on 12th July 2021.”

Budding young entrepreneurs?

Are there any young people in Inkerman area with a business idea? Kids keen to start a side hustle?

GOAL/QCCA are running a 12 week free summer programme  to help the 17-25 age group develop good business ideas into reality and there is a credit of £500 at the end of it to help with start up costs. The commitment is three hours a week. But they need to sign up by Friday 2nd July.

Full details

MAP cafe and studio on Grafton / Inkerman corner has reopened.  9.00 am – 6.00 pm

Chris has run the cafe for years now, with some brilliant music evenings .   He has also been a great supporter of the Alma St Fair.


For the recording studio: