Need for urgent action about plans for West Kentish Town Estate redevelopment.

This planned development is just outside the Inkerman Area – ie just under the bridge in Grafton Road. The very high buildings planned will loom over our area and some will be built right up against the road – rather than set back as the present buildings are. The effect will be that this part of Grafton Road will feel like a canyon. The building that is closest to our area is built to be sold on the open market.

This matter was raised at the AGM yesterday and IARA was mandated to write an objection.

Today is the last day in this stage of the proceedings. Please write. And copy us in. Thank you.

Dear Camden

We are the residents association just to the south and east of this development.

At a meeting of our members yesterday evening, considerable concern was expressed about the proposed redevelopment of the West Kentish Town Estate.

While we welcome improvements to the estate which will benefit residents, the proposals as outlined at present will have a detrimental effect on the wider area.

They also seem curiously dated.  Oppressively high tower blocks (which will be visible in many of the Inkerman Conservation Area streets) are completely out of scale and out of place in a predominantly low rise area.  Camden has many fine examples of relatively high density, low rise housing, and we would want to see this here. 

In terms of the environmental impact, surely refurbishment would be vastly preferable to demolition and rebuild. The outline plans seem actually to reduce green space – and certainly the loss of the open green space along Grafton Road, to be replaced by blocks built right up to the street, will have an adverse effect on many.

Please include us in future reports on this project.

Yours sincerely
Debby Hyams

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