March Update – a huge threat to the High Street.

Murphys development

The Murphy’s Yard website has been updated with new information and details of a webinar on March 25th  

Google Murphy’s Development Kentish town. (Posting the link in here doesn’t seem to work)

This is what the proposed development might look like from the canopy area outside the tube station.   It almost entirely obliterates the view of the Heath. 

Please note the comment below the picture. 

If you want to express your views about this, and any other aspects of the development you can sign up for the webinar (there are two sessions, 2 pm and 7 pm). 

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Dividing doors anyone?  A neighbour has offered.  

Many of us have the big double doors that divide the two ground floor rooms.  If your house has lost theirs, and you’d like to reinstall them, there are a pair going spare.  Let us know at . 

Changes to the Prince of Wales Road bus stop 

Camden writes: 

“As you may be aware we have been making changes on Prince of Wales Road since June 2020, installing a new eastbound ‘pop-up’ cycle lane between Haverstock Hill and Grafton Road. These measures were installed in order to rapidly provide improvements for people needing to travel during the pandemic, such as school children and key workers.  

Now the cycle lane elements are largely complete we have been reviewing the scheme and now want to take the opportunity to inform you that we intend to proceed with the planned changes to the eastbound bus stop outside Talacre Gardens, in line with the previous decision report to do so. 

As the bus stop is serviced by two bus routes, and is in close proximity to Kentish Town West Station and Talacre Gardens itself, this particular stop experiences higher usage than the other eastbound stops on Prince of Wales Road. 

In line with the latest DfT cycle design guidance, we are therefore looking to utilise the available space to the rear of the shelter to install a more ‘Traditional’ Bus Stop Bypass (similar to those already implemented on the Prince of Wales westbound cycle track, and elsewhere in the Borough) in this particular location. We intend to make these changes to make better use of the available space and improve comfort for both bus passengers and those walking and cycling along Prince of Wales Road. 

 The changes will mean the following: 

  •  Bus passengers will be able to board and alight to/from a dedicated pedestrian ‘island’, with cyclists travelling on a dedicated track to the rear of the bus stop. 
  • There would be no need for cyclists to stop to give way to bus passengers boarding and alighting directly from the bus. 
  • A dedicated ‘mini-zebra’ crossing point to the rear of the bus shelter will allow pedestrians to cross the cycle track with priority over cyclists. 
  • Slow markings and a raised hump to reduce cyclists’ speed on the approach to the bypass and on the approach to the formal zebra crossing. 
  • Minimum 2.4m footway will be maintained at the rear of the bus stop bypass and the bus shelter will relocated to the new ‘island’ to provide more space around the entrance to Talacre Gardens.  

The new layout has been subject to an independent Road Safety Audit (RSA) and follows design guidance publish by Department for Transport. We will continue to monitor and analyse interactions between pedestrians and cyclists at the bus stop. The works are currently planned to start on Monday, 22 March.” 

Free food 

We’ve had this from Crossroads Womens Centre: 

“We’ve just been alerted about a free market offering fruit and vegetables – oranges, salad packs, green veg, carrots, broccoli etc. – on Saturday mornings at 19 Highgate Road, opposite the junction with Burleigh Road.  It starts at 9.30am and the first hour is for refugees and asylum seekers.  It wraps up by 1pm. 

 The food comes from donations surplus to requirements by Refugee Community Kitchen who cook there. It is all fresh but beyond the sell by date so needs to be taken so it is not wasted. Anyone can come, foodbank rules don’t apply. 

 Also, our friends at Food For All asked us to circulate this shout-out for Saturday morning volunteers assembling food parcels.  See video 

Stop traffic on Holmes Road
A parent at St. Patrick’s has sent us this:“I would like to send a message to the group to raise awareness of a petition that parents from St Patrick’s primary school have started to lobby for Holmes Road to be closed to all traffic during school pickup and drop off times: “

IARA website.  We have now put a new section on the website – Walks.  

This is (or will be when it is finished) divided into  

1. a quick guide to all parks and playgrounds within easy walking distance, Inkerman Area Residents Association Ltd Walks from the Inkerman Area. ( 

2. a more detailed guides to the main attractions, The Heath, the Parks etc. So far there’s only a brief one on the Heath: Inkerman Area Residents Association Ltd Hampstead Heath. ( 

3. a section on recommended street walks.  We asked for contributions and so far, Mary has offered “Walking the Best of Kentish Town” Inkerman Area Residents Association Ltd WALKING THE BEST OF KENTISH TOWN. (  

4. The Canal.

The WhatsApp Group goes from strength to strength – we now have over 80 members and it is very active with news, requests for help and offers of help, warnings of crimes, offers of stuff going free and lots more. Some people have said they find it a bit too active and we have quietly suggested it calms down just a bit!  

If you are interested, please email us with name, address and phone number and we will add you.  Thanks  

 D & D