Major changes proposed for traffic in our area. AGM. Bicycle thieves. Posted 21.9.2023

IARA Annual General Meeting – a chance to meet other people from the area and to see the French School 

The 2023 AGM will be held on Thursday 26 October from 7 – 9 pm. 

CFBL (the French School) have kindly agreed to let us use their premises – the address is 87 Holmes Rd, London NW5 3AX. 

The formal meeting will include an election of officers (Chair, Secretary and Treasurer).  The existing postholders are willing to stand, and please let us know in advance of the meeting if you would like to nominate yourself or anyone else (with their permission).  There will be reports from the Chair and Treasurer, and some of the sub groups. 

We hope to focus part of the meeting on the Alma Street Fair.  This was not able to go ahead this year because not enough people from our community came forward to help with planning the fair. The AGM will be an opportunity to tell you more about what is involved and to ask you to think about what you can contribute in 2024. 

There’ll be drinks (wine, beer, soft) and nibbles.  It’s a great chance to meet people (all those new friends on the WhatsApp group that you’ve never met!). 

Holmes Road Area Safe and Healthy Streets Scheme 

We hope that most of you have received a leaflet through your door about the review of the trial scheme.  In case you haven’t, here is the link:

This is a really important chance to comment on whether we like the present scheme – and also on some quite radical new proposals. 

Overall, most of our streets have seen a reduction in traffic but Willes Road has seen a significant increase, and there are proposals to deal with that and with any knock-on effect on other streets (Cathcart in particular).  There are also proposals to replace some parking spaces with more bike storage, and to further limit traffic in Holmes Road, including introducing restrictions past CFBL. 

It’s worth taking a really close look at the proposals and replying to the consultation with your own views and any different ideas.  As IARA, we know views are mixed so we cannot comment from the association but would be interested to hear from others. Please copy us in – or copy and paste your comments into an email to us. 

There is vigorous debate on the WhatsApp group.   

The deadline is 8 October

Bicycle Thieves 

Sadly, this is not about the iconic 1948 film, but an all too current problem.  A significant number of people are reporting stolen bikes, including from cycle stores. Unless you can take your bikes indoors or out the back we don’t have an answer, except to be as careful as you can, and report all thefts to the police on the 101 number. 

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