Local news and requests, and a death in the neighbourhood 17.9.21

Dear Members

Sad news

Very sadly, we have to report the death of Sharda, from Alma Street.  Sharda has lived here with her son Dilip for many years and until relatively recently was a striking figure as she took her daily walks around the neighbourhood. She will be sadly missed by many.

Holmes Road Healthy School Street
We mentioned previously that some of us had attended a small online meeting to look at some options for increasing safety in Holmes Road.  There will be a further consultation meeting in due course, which we will publicise. 

Meanwhile, we have been sent the slides from the first meeting, and attach them.  Please note that the traffic officers say:
“As discussed during the meeting, we are still very much at the optioneering stage of the scheme so please bear this in mind when looking at the ideas in the slides – nothing has been decided at this point. We welcome any feedback so that this can feed into the consultation process and our plans for the area and look forward to holding the next meeting in due course.”

Prince of Wales Road
You’ve probably had the leaflet about this, but just in case you have not, this has come in from Camden Council:
We are proposing to make the Safe and Healthy Streets Scheme on Prince of Wales Road permanent helping to make streets safer and healthier with cycle lanes and improvements to walking facilities to make getting around by safer and easier. We are also proposing a set of new changes improve conditions for walking as well as cycling that we would like your opinion on.  

The attached consultation flyer has been sent to all residents and stakeholders in the area. The consultation is now open and you have until the 13th October 2021 to comment – share your views: Prince of Wales Consultation. 

Camden’s planning policy
Also in from the council:
The Autumn 2021 edition of Camden’s Planning Policy Newsletter is available to view. This is to keep you up to date with work on the Council’s planning policy documents and related planning news. 

Electric bike for sale
Hil in Alma Street writes:
I have an Emu folding electric bike for sale, bought in 2019 and virtually unused.  If you are interested, please message me on 07952 851 732 with your email address and I will send you more details. 

Babysitters/helpers wanted
Sebastian and Maria write:
We are looking for a baby-sitter / extra pair of hands from 7am to 9am (only 2 hours a day) during the week days. We have 2 daughters: 3-month old and 3.5 yo. We would need an extra pair of hands for the morning routine (feeding, getting dressed and potentially school drop off). We live in the area. If interested, please contact IARA.

Anabelle in Willes Road is also looking for an occasional evening babysitter – if you know anyone who would be interested let us know and we’ll put you in touch. 

Local History
Martin and Sara in Ryland Road have produced a rather wonderful brief history of Ryland Road and Perren Street.  If you would like an electronic copy, let us know.The History Group has been quiet over the summer and we hope to get it up and running more vigorously soon. In the meantime, if you are interested in local history please check out the website:  https://www.inkermanresidents.org.uk/category/history

IARA WhatsApp
A reminder that you can join the WhatsApp group which is now 119 people strong – for information about things that people are getting rid of, warnings about incidents in the street, questions and answers about local services like recommended vets, handypeople, florists etc. And when our local very green supplier of organic produce is due to come to the street in their electric milk float:
https://www.fair-well.co.uk/  To join the WhatsApp group please email us a request with your phone number.

There is a lot of discussion about litter being left and the strong recommendation is to use the Love Camden Street app where you can report any street problems like that and it automatically knows where you are and sends in the details.  It has been quite effective for most of us.