July Update

Proposal for huge radio masts and other telecoms equipment on the roof of Monmouth House

Some of you will remember that last year we were consulted about a proposal to put 12 massive (6m high from roof level), satellite dishes and ancillary equipment on the roof of Monmouth House. Many of you were concerned about this – on grounds of health and safety, and/or the idea of having this huge installation towering over the Inkerman area.

There is now a planning application for the same proposal (so much for community feedback). Details are here:

Monmouth House Raglan Street London NW5 3BX
Installation of 12 x pole mounted antenna (top height of masts 41.75m AGL from ground level / 6m from roof level), 4 x dishes, equipment cabinets and ancillary development thereto.Application number: 2020/3008/P
Application type: GPDO Prior Approval DeterminationView Application

We note that Clarke Telecom, who are making this application, state that they have rejected a number of other possible sites on the grounds that

The site is adjacent to a conservation area and is considered to have a greater impact on visual amenity than the proposed site”.

We also note that whereas IARA was consulted last time we have not this time been contacted by the company (they have written to St. Patrick’s School and the Raglan Estate TRA). Perhaps they have chosen not to notice that we are also a conservation area? We did of course point out last time that their approach is inconsistent, and also suggested that Regis Road industrial area would be a suitable location.

You can post comments on the website (the current deadline on the site is wrong – we assume it will be around the second week in August), and it would be good if you could copy us in to any comments.

TV Licence for over 75s

The Voluntary Action Camden newsletter has reminded us that:

From 1 August, anyone 75 and over who is not in receipt of Pension Credit will no longer receive a free TV licence. There are between 150,000 and 200,000 Londoners of state pension age eligible for Pension Credit who are not claiming it. Full details in this letter.

Covid 19 and the easing of lockdown

We hope everyone is keeping well. Don’t forget that if you still need any help with things like shopping, collecting prescriptions or just someone to chat to we have a list of volunteers eager and willing to help, so just let us know.

Art anyone?

Early on in lockdown, we put forward a suggestion from one of our members that the artists and craftspeople among you might like to use this time to create artwork which, at some point, we could share – possibly in an exhibition at a future fair or, if that seems a long way off, we could maybe have a virtual exhibition in front windows at some point. Let us know if you like that idea and, meanwhile, if you would like to take a picture of anything you have made we’d love to see it and include it in a future mailing and/or on the IARA website.

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