IARA meeting/party 10 September 2022.

As we explained by email and WhatsApp we need to have two public meetings each year. Over the years communication has indeed mainly been by emails, and more recently the super lively WhatsApp groups where all issues can be raised along with a torrent of other stuff.

We do have a slightly formal AGM around Christmas time but we also need less formal social gatherings so that we get to meet the people who we otherwise only know remotely.

We had a great informal gathering for the Queen’s Jubilee organised by Dilip. And we proposed another IARA general meeting on Saturday, 10 September and said that would also be essentially a social meeting.  

It was at the Raglan Community Garden. I.e. the area with the curving brick retaining walls flower beds next to the school. This garden has for years been heroically maintained and watered by Robert and Chris.

Raglan: John, Paul, Harriet.
Inkerman: Helen, Rikke, Mark, Claire, Rafe, Sophie.
Alma: Robbie and Children, Jane, Jeremy, David.
Willes: Gary, Vivienne, Mike, Sarah.
Grafton: Fan.
Brinsmead: Liz

Apologies: Belinda, Michael, Samantha, Robert, Dee, John, Alison, Mary, Debby.

All agreed that it was great to be meeting people and this sort of thing ought to be a regular event. Weather permitting. (It did just about… we had a short, light shower but the trees protected us well enough.)