Green Shoots – a possible group for people interested in green issues.

We have put out a call on the WhatsApp group for anyone interested in green issues and practical projects to come together to make plans.

(This is in addition to the Tree and Gardening WhatsApp group which coordinates the watering of the new trees and occasionally discusses other gardening issues.)

Solar panels: One subject the Green Group could work with is the installation of solar panels. We know of about six houses in this area that have got them and we are proposing that we get together to share detailed and practical information to inform anyone who might want to take that step next.

Car ownership.: Secondly there is the big issue of car ownership.

Any of us who have a car know that it normally sits parked in the street for 90% of the time unused. Many of us with elderly cars or with green consciences are thinking hard about if and whether to replace them.

We have Phil in Ryland Road who is something of an expert and is involved with an organisation called Hyacar. This is a sort of Airbnb approach to cars.

There are three models:

1. Someone who has their own car that they’re willing to share which is less than seven years old and is small or medium-sized. Hyacar will install a box which allows people to open the car just using their phone app. You can then let people use your car and charge them and all the booking is done through the app.

2. You can “subscribe to share” a Hyacar at £400 a month and again you can charge people to use it so you can end up actually getting the use of it for free.

3. Hyacar can put their own vehicle in the area but that requires cooperation from Camden which is currently not forthcoming.

The third model sort of connects up with Enterprise which is pretty straightforwardly a Zipcar type of organisation.

We know there is a lot of interest in the area on both these subjects and hope to take this forward soon.

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