Crime, art, music Newsletter December ’23

Crime warning

Someone local (Kelly Street) has had a very unpleasant experience, and has invited us to share it as a warning 

It comes under the heading of what the police call “distraction crime”.  This is what happened. 

Early in the morning there was a knock at the door.  Someone asked if it was possible for the resident to move their car, to help with a delivery.  Being a cooperative and helpful person she did, closing her front door behind her as she went out.  In the very few moments it took to move the car her front door (the kind with panels) was smashed in, enough to put an arm through to open the lock, and an iPhone and two bags taken. 

If anyone would like advice about the security of their home there is a police Community Safety Officer who can visit.

Local arts and crafts pop up 

Many of you know Michael Ptootch, who is curating this event  

And for a bit more culture … 

This Sunday, from 5pm, you can hear baroque music played on period instruments in a rather lovely setting – the Pritchard and Ure café above Camden Garden Centre (2 Barker Drive NW1 0JW).  You can also enjoy their great collection of books, curios and furniture (and maybe buy some!)  Free entry.

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And as this is likely to be our last mailing before Christmas, we wish everyone a happy and healthy time, and all good wishes for a peaceful new year.

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