Camden’s Clean Air Action Plan

Camden have a Clean Air Action Plan.  They say:

Our draft Clean Air Action Plan sets out our vision to reduce pollution in Camden and we want your views on the actions we’re proposing to take.

The Clean Air Action Plan has been developed with the help of our Clean Air Partnership, made up of Camden residents, schools, community groups and businesses. You have given your feedback on the partnership’s ideas and everything you’ve told us has helped to refine the draft Clean Air Action Plan, which focuses on seven key areas:

  • Reducing emissions from buildings
  • Cutting construction emissions
  • Reducing transport emissions
  • Supporting communities and schools
  • Reducing emissions from delivery, servicing and freight
  • Public health and awareness raising
  • Lobbying

We want to hear your thoughts so we can make sure our final Clean Air Action Plan reflects our residents’ clean air ambitions for Camden.

You can download the consultation document using the following link:

A tip from Caroline Hill:

If you’re short of time I think these are the pages of most interest to us: 6; 7; 8; 10; 15; 18; 32; 36; 37; 41; 48; 49; 50; 65; 66.