Another very urgent response needed this weekemd for plans that would overdevelop our area.

Below – the post from Thursday – is our request for urgent comments on West Kentish Town Development plans. Thank you to those who have emailed comments.

We now realise that this is a part of a much wider strategic policy development by Camden that we have not been fully aware of but for which the closing date for comment is Monday 24th January. This is the obscurely names “The Site Allocations Local Plan”.

The problem lies in the fact that both Camden and the Greater London authority operate on an out of date model of going for growth at all costs – “intensification“ is their buzzword and, once that philosophy is put in place, then overdevelopment is almost inevitable.

Please check out the general picture here where there is a button for you to add your comments.

You will see David’s comment of this morning. We will do one for IARA now we have a mandate from the AGM.

You may like to add your comments including the fact that so few people have commented indicates the failure of the consultation to be properly representative despite the efforts of Camden. Compare that with the mass involvement in the formation and approval of the Kentish Town Neighbourhood Plan.