Alma Street Fair 2024 – a thank you.

In January this year IARA members agreed there was enough support to put on a Fair in 2024, after a year off with just the more limited “UnFair” event last year  – mainly fundraising for the MAP café. 

After months of work, it happened last Sunday – 23 June!  We have received a lot of messages of appreciation – and some reservations and suggestions (mainly about noise levels). 

The event this year was another reminder of what a diverse and wonderful community we live in.  The Fair relies on a huge amount of local support, and a planning group who do everything for free and in their spare time.

A big call out to Jonathan B for leading us through the months of preparation, hosting and cajoling us when needed, and keeping us on track.

A massive thanks to all the organisers

– To David P for once again doing an incredible job to manage what was a record 116 stalls who registered. 

– Thank you to all our residents, from IARA and nearby, who managed their own stalls. We hope you enjoyed the experience and still got the opportunity to look around a bit during the day

– To the organisers of the three stages – Chris T, Michael P and Danny C. The day would not be the same without them and their performers.

– To Jane and the support from Sarah H and Jeremy for the volunteer recruitment. This has become a critical role and one that requires much planning and dedication. Without it the fair          simply cannot function. We are enormously grateful.

– On this note we say a huge thank you to everyone who did volunteer. There are too many of you to mention but we are really grateful. It is your support that makes the difference!

– To Caitlin for working so hard on our sustainability theme and for producing a terrific programme. Thank you also to Ollie for its design

– To Debby, Sarah C and Jonathan F on the Bar Ink – it looked splendid (and quite French). 

– To David J, Vivienne and Trish and the local history group – thank you. It proved very popular with people finding out about the area and for some tracing the story of who lived in their house over 100 years ago.

– To Dilip, Jeff W, Peter, Jeremy on the wildlife and gardening stalls, which attracted a lot of interest.

– ​ To Paul S for acquiring, learning and then teaching everyone how to use the card readers.

– ​ To the Lido lifeguards who provided first aid.

Finally, a shout out to everyone who donated – Franchi, Ace Sports, and Mario for the prizes, Pricewise graphics, Kall Kwik Printing and Morgan Stationers for our extensive printing needs, and once again a huge thanks goes to Julia Evangelista for another amazing parade (see pictures above). 

And to the Camden Events team – for giving us the licence to have fun. And Veolia for cleaning up before and after. 

BTW here are the results of the prize draw:

Numbers were: 

191 – Mario’s breakfast – not yet claimed.

121 – Franchi drill – claimed   

376 – Ace Sports – claimed