News 6 March 2017

Local Crime Alert

Brinsmead residents have sent us this:

Last week one of the residents of the Brinsmead who live in a flat on the ground floor backing onto Wilkin St had two of their windows broken, possibly by an air rifle or stones. Since then 7 more windows in two different flats on that level have been broken. One resident took photos of 3 boys aged about 17-18 lurking outside the flat just after one of the incidents, but the police cannot do anything because they were not photographed committing the act. They have suggested installing a video surveillance camera which we have asked the owner to do asap.

Our managing agent has also contacted us to say that there have been reports of youths hanging about in Ryland Rd and last week one of our residents was threatened by a young man in a hoodie as he walked home in the evening. Another resident was chased riding home on her bike by someone who she thought was trying to steal her handbag. These incidents were around Inkerman Road and the alleyway to Raglan Street. The police do know about all these incidents”.

Please be very vigilant, and ring the police on 999 if there are any signs of trouble. Please also let us know and we will keep the Safer Neighbourhoods Team informed. They have already responded to say that:

We will endeavour to conduct some extra patrols around Wilkin Street/Ryland Road for the next couple of weeks, to see whether an increased presence proves a deterrent.

In the meantime can I also ask that you contact Camden Council to make the Housing Patrol aware as they will also assist with patrols to the area if you can give an idea of times and they will then feedback to us. If a record could be kept of dates and times that would also be very useful for both us and the council.”

Bike Hangars

We’ve had another request (this time from a Willes Road resident) to ask whether residents are interested in applying to have bike lock-ups. These take the space of 1 car and hold 6 bikes. Basically it is to encourage greener travel and to give up the car. If you would like to be put in touch with others who would like to see this happen, please let us know.

Kiln Dried Wood delivery

Sarah has asked us to post this:

We have just had a (carbon neutral/clean burning) woodburner installed and are looking at having wood delivered.

Would any neighbours be interested in sharing the cost of a crate (or half) of kiln dried logs? (The larger amount purchased the lower the cost)

Please contact Sarah: 47 Willes Road (m: 07758458074 e:

You need to be sure that your woodburner counts as an exempted device, as we are a smoke controlled zone. More information at

[since this went out some members have said that the evidence is growing that wood burning stoves are not environmentally ok.  ]

Planning issues

1. Sadly, planning permission has been granted for 2 flats to be built on top of the recently refurbished 8 Anglers Lane. There were strong objections to this, and we have asked Camden to explain the reasons for the decision. This has raised the issue of roof extensions for domestic properties. We know that some residents would really like to stay in their homes as their families grow, and at the moment Camden’s decision making on applications for roof extensions seem quite arbitrary, and is generally negative. There is some support for the idea that it would be acceptable within the Conservation Area for there to be small, set back roof extensions (possibly of a standard design). This would certainly seem preferable to basement developments. If there is general support for this we will raise it with the council, so do let us know your views.

2. You have probably heard that the developer for 187 Prince of Wales Road (the old Pizza Express building) is selling it on as a half finished project, having apparently found the development more difficult than they had anticipated. We will watch out for any new planning application and let you know.


We had a lively meeting this morning. Among many other things, the issue came up of charges for garden waste collection coming in from 1 April.

From then, there will be a charge of £75 pa if you want Camden to collect your garden waste. Some car owners may prefer to revert to taking their garden waste to the recycling centre themselves (and composting more themselves?). If you plan to take waste to Regis Road, it would be great to check with your less mobile neighbours if they would like you to take their garden waste at the same time.

Our next meeting will be at 12 noon on Monday 27 March, upstairs at The Grafton. Cllr Georgia Gould will be joining us to talk about some of the challenges in adult social care in Camden and how the council is responding. There is an open consultation at the moment, which closes on 9 April, so this is a good opportunity both to find out more and to make your views known. All welcome.

Street Fair

The next planning meeting is on Monday 27 March 7.30 pm at The Grafton (upstairs in the Boardroom). Join us if you have ideas and energy to help make it a success on 4 June.