9.1.22 Bulletin: Murphys Yard – planning application for huge development at the top of Kentish Town

Dear Members

We will soon be sending out a note that the Annual General Meeting on 19th January at 700 pm will be by Zoom.

There has not been much reaction to our request for responses as to whether people want to attend an in-person meeting at the Grafton.  This may reflect people’s caution re Covid and the thought of even 30 (not our usual 50+) people in the room is not attractive. 

In the meantime, the proposals for the development of Murphy’s land is so big we think it merits a separate email from our normal updates. 

This is technically just outside the Inkerman Area but it is so big that it will have a major impact on the whole of Kentish Town.

Opinion is divided in those who have been following the consultations. Some people see it as a beneficial use of industrial land and a boost to the local economy. There are efforts to make the scheme Green – and it opens up a pedestrian route to the Heath.

Others agree with that but are alarmed and dismayed by the fact that the buildings will destroy the view of the Heath and make the top of the High Street feel very hemmed in.

Please see below for the developers’ own image of before and after.

If we have a general mandate from members, we could comment in the name of IARA. We would like to hear your views as soon as possible. Unless we have that we can all comment in a personal basis.

Here is the application, which offers a link where you can comment.  You will see that the current deadline is 25/01/2022, but our local councillors are asking for that to be extended.

View Application

http://camdocs.camden.gov.uk/HPRMWebDrawer/Record/9306703/file/document?inline  Right click this link and scroll through to page 29