Murphy’s, Alma Street Fair and the Queens Jubilee, student noise, more…

Dear Members

Murphy’s Yard Planning Application
Thanks to those of you who got back to us about IARA’s response to the current planning application.  We have now sent in our objection, as agreed. You can see the final version at IARA’s objection to the Planning Application for Murphy’s Yard
Some of you may also have seen the latest edition of The Kentish Towner, where there is what we think is a very good summary about the proposals, complete with illustrations of what the views from Kentish Town and from the Heath could look like if the plans are approved

You can comment on the plans until 21 February (as several of you have) using this link: View Application

Alma Street Fair 2022
A group of us met last week to discuss whether we can put on the Fair this year.  As you know, Covid has prevented this for the last two years, but this year may be possible.  Jonathan, who has brilliantly organised the last few fairs, will be putting in an application to Camden for the usual street closures, parking suspensions, licence and (we hope) a grant.  We are looking at Sunday 3 July. 

As usual, to get the fair off the ground needs as many people as possible being involved – in advance and on the day.  We particularly need people to think about running children’s activities, liaising with schools, running the raffle and general admin.  If you can help (even if you can’t make the evening meetings) please let us know. In 2019 many of you also offered help on the day – we will be going door-to-door at some point signing up volunteers, but in the meantime if you know you can help on 3 July let us know.  More details later.

Queens JubileeYou have probably noticed that 3 July is not the date of the Jubilee.  For a variety of reasons, we can’t have the Alma Street Fair on that weekend – BUT Dilip has put out a WhatsApp request for anyone who would like to join a WhatsApp group for a separate conversation about a possible street affair for Sunday 5 June.  Let him know if you are interested

Holmes Road Student Accommodation – noise and antisocial behaviour
Some Holmes Road residents are increasingly disturbed by late night revellers returning to either one of the student blocks in their road (mainly StayClub, but also Unite).  They are working on setting up a meeting with both organisations and possibly representatives from the council.  If you would like to be involved, please let us know.

Healthy Streets, Healthy Travel, Healthy Lives@ Delivering Camden’s Transport Strategy 2022-25. IARA is invited to send two representatives to this online meeting:

Join Camden’s Transport Strategy (CTS) Update Workshop on 25 February 2022, 10:00am – 12:00pm: give us your feedback on the transport changes we’ve made over the last three years, hear about our updated Action Plan priorities for the next 3 years, and talk about how we can work together on those plans.Let us know if you would like to attend.

Sadly, another deathSome of you will have known Elizabeth Kwantreng, long-term resident of Ryland Road, who has recently died at the age of 84.  Elizabeth was on the management committee of Camden Community Law Centre for many years, as well as being involved in many social and educational projects.  Her life is described in this piece from the CNJ

Comings and goings

We have said goodbye to a number of residents who have left the area – and welcomed new arrivals, many of whom have joined the WhatsApp group. This is the best way to find out what is happening and join in.  If you are not already in, just email us your address and phone number.  We have 135 people now – not bad for 10 streets!