Update 12 April 2020

Thank you posters.  Following up the last bulletin which showed Dee’s poster saying Thank you to NHS staff and lots of others – we attached her PDFs.  They are lovely but if you don’t want to print out three A4s, we also attach one we did which is the same excellent wording but in a Word-type document that… Read more »

IARA update 2 April 2020

Dear Members Like many people, we have to think hard to remember what day it is, or how long this very changed world has been our environment. Looking back at the 6 emails we sent to you in March, we realise it is less than a month since we first mentioned the virus, and the… Read more »

Current Affairs – ie Corona Virus issues aka Covid-19

It is hard to keep up with the torrent of emails currently. But to do our best: Starting with the most recent: On 28 Mar 2020 Coronavirus updates – and some other happier stuff!  Help and helpers People are really getting into the swing of asking for help, and getting it from friends and neighbours… Read more »

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 25 November 2019

Attendance: Alma St: Charles C, Hilary B, Debby H, David J, Jeremy B, Patricia D, Lesley A, Liz W, Sarah C, Brenda M, Dilip L, Anna S, Jane HWilles Rd: Don H, Rosemary W, Dot G, David P, Jonathan B, Michele L, Vivienne M, Diana B, Jeff B, David T, John TRaglan St: Paul S,… Read more »

Chair’s Report 2019

Most of IARA’s activities take place through subgroups and by email, so if you know people who are not signed up for emails do let them know. Through a network of street representatives we do a door-to-door mailing in advance of general meetings and other major events. If you live in a block of flats… Read more »

Independent Elders Meeting 14 October 2019

Present: Debby, Don, Anne, Harriet, Mary, Michele, Robert, Jeff Apologies: Belinda, Iris, Charles, Rosemary, Julia, Patricia, Diana 1. Planning, Traffic and the High StreetWest Kentish Town plans and Monmouth House Radio Masts. No news. We will look out for formal planning applications. Raglan House. Developers have bought the building and have been consulting residents who… Read more »