New zebra crossing

Camden propose another Zebra crossing half way down Castlehaven Road just North of Castle road raised so that it also a speed table. This is outside our immediate area but may be of interest to us. Any views?

Street lighting policy

Camden is consulting residents on a proposed street lighting policy manual. Principles The six key design principles are shared with those of Camden’s Streetscape Design Manual. They are: # Respecting and enhancing the local streetscape. # Using a simple palette of quality materials. # Maintaining consistently high standards of design. # Reducing the amount of… Read more »

Grafton Road timed road closure

We believe that most homes in the area have received a consultation paper about this. But to summarise: You may know that Grafton road is a commuter rat run which blights the road and Camden introduced tidal flow measures – to prevent southbound traffic in the mornings and northbound in the evenings. They did this… Read more »

Planning applications

You can search for detail of planning applications on the Camden Council website.