Good IARA meeting on 29 October – Minutes

The Inkerman Area Residents Association The Tenants and Residents Association for the area bounded by Kentish Town Road, Holmes Road, Grafton Road, Ryland Road and Prince of Wales Road www. Minutes of meeting held on 29 October 2007 at St Patricks School Attending: Doreen Bartlett – Prince of Wales Road; Ann Finer – Grafton… Read more »

History of the area through maps: 1870+1916

There are two historic Ordnance Survey Maps that are out of copyright and may therefore be legally copied. The 1870 map is a wonderful map with very informative detail which rewards enlarging on the photocopier. It shows our area completed in the north east but slightly unfinished in the south west. Grafton has still not… Read more »

History of the area through maps: 1849+1860

The 1849 and 1860 maps really show the sudden development of the area. There are no details of the source of the maps. They are clearly the same map which has been added to 11 years on. They seem to be planning maps with some details sketched in – possibly in advance of the actual… Read more »

History of the area through maps: 1834

The 1834 map shows some development but really very little has changed in 30 years. Two breweries are shown at the end of Mansfield Place – presumably using the River Fleet. Grapes Place has been built, going south from Mansfield Place. This is now lost in the industrial area there. The area of Spring Place… Read more »

History of the area through maps: 1801

The first historic map of the area is the wonderful 1801 map. There is quite an extensive history behind this map and its companion 1804 version. Camden History Review 7 has an article by Anthony Cooper which describes how in June 1792 the parish decided to commission a map of the parish and the work… Read more »