Serious spate of bike thefts

We don’t usually send out short notices between the usual updates but there appears to be a sudden spate of bike thefts – including one from Alma St where a bike was attached to railings with two D locks and a cable.  This was raised in the IARA WhatsApp group.   On that people have said… Read more »

Update 28 June 2020

Dear Members Hope all is well with everyone and you are enjoying some new freedom while staying safe. Alma Street Fair 2020 – via Twitter Paul and John spent a pleasant afternoon in a garden very close to where the main stage would have been for the Fair. They were tweeting links to the videos… Read more »

The story of Chris, living opposite Kentish Town West Station

Permission to reproduce this interview was given to IARA by Chris, and by the editors of the Ryland Road newsletter, which was produced daily for many weeks during the Covid 19 crisis. Corona diary Chris has been living under the bridge outside Kentish Town West station for several months now. He will be 61 next… Read more »

Update 20 June

Dear Members First, we wish you a happy summer solstice, and for better times ahead. Instead of the Alma Street FairTomorrow, 21st June, would have been the Alma Street Fair. Instead, click on the attachment above as a very short introduction, produced by John H – and after that you can revisit past fairs at the… Read more »

13 June Update

Not the Alma Street Fair but there’s a lot happening on 21 June (Sunday week)   As you may remember, 21 June would have been the 2020 Alma Street Fair.  🙁 On that day, the IARA website will be featuring film clips from past years – including a lovely new compilation Jeff has made, covering some of… Read more »

Possible front door scam

Local information from one member, confirmed, by a number of others.: “I thought residents would like to know that a man is going door to door claiming to sell anti-body tests.  He informed us, through an upstairs window, that he was from the Harley Street Clinic We rang the clinic, who denied all knowledge, as you’d… Read more »