Plans for Regis Rd

Inkerman Area Residents Association <>Sent: Friday, August 25, 2023 7:21:48 PMTo: Inkerman Area Residents Association <>Subject: Plans for Regis Road, and a little obituary Dear Members Regis Road As many of you know, Camden Council has ambitious plans for the redevelopment of the Regis Road Industrial Estate, which includes the Camden Recycling Centre, as well… Read more »

Annual General Meeting 2023 – Minutes

Held at the CFBL – The French School – 26 October 2023 1. Attendance: Ryland: Trisha, Christine, Martin, Sophie, Susan. Brinsmead: Jeff Willes: Gary, Don, David T, Arabella, Mike S, David P, Rosemary, Michael, Stephen, Dee, John T, Greta, Belinda, Suzanne, Vivienne. Sarah M Grafton: Chris. Holmes: Andrew, Judith, Sue Cathcart: Terry, Kate, Ishay Inkerman: Dougal, Rafe, Courtenay, Raglan: Robert, Paul,… Read more »

Chairs Report for the Annual General Meeting 2023

This is on Thursday 26 October 2023. 7.00 pm at the CFBL– The French School Entrance in Holmes Rd Below: Agenda and Chair’s Report Financial statement to be tabled at the meeting Agenda Chair’s Report: It’s less than a year since our last AGM, but we have brought this meeting forward so that we can… Read more »

Introduction to the history pages

Before we start… please note this part of the website is still being developed. The history notes are available in sequence if you click on the Local History link to the right hand side of the page. And.. these articles are also spread through the main run of articles below. We hope to tidy this… Read more »

Our Local History Group

INKERMAN AREA HISTORY GROUP We feel we are lucky to live in a historically very interesting area – which has already been quite well researched but which give opportunities for a lot more research. The Inkerman Area History Group has met on an occasional basis over the last few years and had lectures from Gillian… Read more »

A short history of the area – rough draft

Please note that almost nothing here is original research and is drawn from the resources in the other page on this website of Local History Resources. Some of those need buying at Owl – by phone now – or via Abebooks for second hand copies. So this is a very compressed version to get you… Read more »