Well attended meeting of KT neighbourhood Forum welcomes the ‘Northern Triangle’

Minutes of Special General MeetingKentish Town Neighbourhood Forum (KTNF)

Monday 23 April 2012 7.00pm

Kentish Town Community Centre NW5 2SP

Those attending


See Annex A for full list of those who signed the attendance sheets. The meeting room was full.


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1. Welcome

Caroline Hill, Chair of KTNF, opened the meeting and welcomed all those groups and individuals attending the meeting. Thanks were given to Kentish Town Community Centre for providing the venue for the meeting in their newly renovated premises in Busby Place.

2. Vote to include North Kentish Town Association in the KTNF

The Chair explained the request made by the area represented by the North Kentish Town Association to be included within the boundaries of the KTNF. Following an open public meeting of local residents within the area covered by the North Kentish Town Association on 29 February 2012 which voted unanimously in favour of joining in with KTNF, a formal request was received on 14 March 2012 to join KTNF.
The KTNF Committee were recommending to the meeting that this request be supported.

A formal vote was held involving all current members of KTNF present.

In favour: 26 votes

Against: 0 votes

Abstentions: 0 votes

It was therefore unanimously agreed that the North Kentish Town Association is included within the KTNF and the area covered by the KTNF included within the boundaries of the KTNF.

Following the inclusion of the North Kentish Town Association in the KTNF, and due to the existence of a vacancy on the KTNF Committee, it was proposed to co-opt a new Committee member from the North Kentish Town Association. Mary Cane had volunteered to stand for the Committee.
Proposer: Mark Wakefield

Seconder: Paul Seviour.

The meeting voted overwhelmingly in favour of the co-option of Mary Cane to the KTNF Committee with no votes against and one (1) abstention.

Mary Cane was duly co-opted to the KTNF Committee.

4. Vote to approve the amended Constitution

The draft amended Constitution had been circulated to members prior to the meeting.
A number of small amendments to the Constitution had been proposed including:

A quorum of 7 rather than 9 for KTNF Committee meetings (3.4)

An option to ask a Committee member to resign if they fail without an apology and good reason to attend 2 consecutive Committee meetings (3.9)

A revised definition of registered member of the KTNF (3.1)

An option for minor amendments to the Constitution to be affected through notification to and consultation with all registered members rather than by calling a Special General Meeting (6.1)

Clarity over the election of the Officers of the Committee (3.5)

A vote was taken to approve the amended Constitution. It was passed overwhelmingly with no (0) votes against and one (1) abstention.

A question was raised about the provisions of 3.12 which required Representative Local Organisations to be able to demonstrate that they are representative and have a mandate for the views of their members. The Committee are required to monitor this and advised that while it was an important issue it would be applied with a light touch to avoid creating any unnecessary burdens for the organisations.

5. Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer provided an update on the position regarding the funding of the KTNF
In November 2011 the Chair had asked Camden to support our bid to the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) for up to £20,000 funding for our Neighbourhood Forum. The Treasurer was pleased to announce that the KTNF had been successful in its bid and under the fifth wave of funding had received £20,000 in funding which would be held by Camden and from which we would able to draw down. This placed us as a ‘front runner’. The funding is primarily to enable us to draw up a Neighbourhood Plan with the possibility that the funding would have to pay for any local referendum that might be required.

6. Walkabouts

The Chair provided a brief update on the highly successful series of walkabouts that had been held over the weekend of 21/22 April. Around 80 people had participated.
A lot of positive feedback had been received already and many at the meeting endorsed the success and thanked the Chair and others involved in organising and leading the walks. One

member described the walkabouts as “incredibly enlightening” which was generally endorsed by the meeting.

A walkabout would need to be arranged to cover the area of the North Kentish Town Association. A volunteer from the area would be needed.

The possibility of running the walks on a regular basis was raised as was the idea of videoing the walks and placing the video on the new website. This would be considered subject to resources and other members of the KTNF taking on the role of organiser.

7. Website

The Treasurer provided an update on the plans for the KTNF website. Work was currently underway with a website designer on the creation of ktnf.org. It was hoped this would be up and running within 2 weeks.

8. Map update

The Chair updated the meeting on the production of a detailed GIS map. A copy of a large-scale (1:250) map of the area was available on the floor for everyone to look at the end of the meeting. The Chair thanked Alice Brown for her help with obtaining the map.

9. Neighbourhood Planning

The Chair introduced Biljana Savic, Urban Programme Manager for the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community and Angela Koch, Professional Network Member for the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community and an Advisor to the KTNF.
Biljana and Angela made a presentation on the work of the Prince’s Foundation in relation to Neighbourhood Planning. The Prince’s Foundation is one of four (4) national organisations funded by DCLG to assist Neighbourhood Forums in drawing up their Neighbourhood Plans and engaging with communities. They are only working with front runners and their current funding allows them to work with Neighbourhood Forums until the end of July 2012.

Biljana provided examples of Neighbourhood Forums and Community Organisations they had worked with to date, including a case study on Bristol Old Market. She explained that their principal role was to facilitate the process of drawing up a Neighbourhood Plan and to provide a range of specialist advice including urban planners, transport planners, environmental advisers and business experts.

Angela explained the varied methods of engagement that had been used in other areas including Croydon and Haringey to involve hard-to-reach groups.

The proposed offer of help from the Prince’s Foundation to the KTNF would take the possible form of:

An initial open public meeting to seek views and ideas for what people wished to see to improve Kentish Town and to include in a Neighbourhood Plan. It would also include breaking up into smaller groups to begin prioritising ideas. This would need the participation of a large number of local people, and we would be looking for at least 100 participants.

A second day would take the form of a workshop involving key stakeholders; Council officers, Councillors, business and landowner representatives and a group of KTNF members. This would look at all the feedback from the first day and any other feedback gathered through community engagement.

The third day would involve the Prince’s Trust facilitators collating all the material and then presenting it in the evening to a second large open public meeting.

This 3 day process would take place at an agreed date in July.

This proposal was put to the meeting to consider.

A vote was taken.

In favour: 32

Against 1

Abstentions 5

The proposal to take up the assistance of the Prince’s Trust was therefore carried overwhelmingly.

There was no Any Other Business.

The Chair updated everyone about our Forum application. On April 12 we delivered our official application to Camden for Designation of Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum and for Designation of the Kentish Town Neighbourhood Area. The Area we applied was available to view at the meeting in 2 maps and included in anticipation the North Kentish Town Area. The procedure now is that Camden will consider our application, along with any other Neighbourhood Forums that have applied in Camden. After that the applications will be publicly available online over a 6 week period. Everyone will have a chance to comment on them. Camden will take these comments into consideration and ultimately will be the final arbiter on the boundaries.

3. Co-option to the KTNF Committee
Action points from the minutesACTION  




List of Committee members to be update to include Mary Cane  

Secretary KTNF  


Amended Constitution to be available on request and posted on new website when launched  

Secretary KTNF  

On request and once website launched  

Committee to look at the request to continue a programme of walkabouts subject to a volunteer to organise

A walkabout to be arranged to cover the North Kentish Town Association area.


Committee KTNF

NKTA representative


Next Committee meeting 24 May 2012



Dates and venues to be agreed for the Prince’s Foundation meetings and workshops  

Chair KTNF and Prince’s Trust  

Asap to be run in July 2012