Update 27 March 2014

Funeral announcement

The funeral of Pat Yeoman of Alma Street will be on Monday 7 April, 2.30 pm at the Chapel at Islington Cemetery, East Finchley.  Leaving Alma Street 1.50 pm.

Camden consultation – traffic calming at the bottom of Anglers Lane and Willes Rd

Some of you will have had a consultation leaflet from Camden about some proposed road changes – mainly pedestrian and cycling safety measures.  One of them concerns the junction of Willes Road/Anglers Lane and Prince of Wales Road, where the council proposes to narrow the entrance to Willes Road slightly and create a level table for pedestrian crossing.  See


Some residents feel that safety could be further improved by further narrowing – ie extending the build out to both sides of the road to make a narrower crossing for pedestrians but still room for 2 way traffic.  We would like your views before responding to Camden and have asked for the deadline to be extended to Monday– so please reply to us quickly if you have a view.

The Castle – appeal hearing

Caroline Hill, Chair of Kentish Town Road Action and Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum, writes:

“This is a reminder about the Castle Appeal Hearing on Wednesday 2 April. Please do come and support us to save the Castle building. We need as many bums on seats as possible! The developer will probably try to get supporters along too so we have to show that we have more. If you are planning to attend please email me. If there are enough of us Camden will have to find a larger hall!

The Appeal hearing will take place at 10am on Wednesday 2 April at the International Lutheran Student Centre, 30 Thanet Street, WC1H 9QH. Please attend this hearing to support us and to show your opposition to Ringley’s plans and underhand tactics.

Many of you will have heard about what has been going on at The Castle but here is a short resumé in case it’s news to you:

In May 2013 estate agent Ringley attempted demolition of The Castle pub in Kentish Town Road and tried to persuade residents that this was all above board and could be carried out without planning permission. They said that the roof had to be removed to make the building safe and that the reason for the destruction of mouldings and period features on the exterior was because they were about to fall down. Of course we all know that a sure fire way of making a building unsafe is to take the roof off and leave it open to the elements.

There was outrage among local residents when they saw what was happening and the council was alerted. The planning enforcers acted immediately. Officers visited the site on a Friday and told Ringley that the work must stop. This was ignored and the work went on all weekend. The council was alerted again and on Monday enforcement notices were slapped on the building stating that there had been a breach of planning control and that everything that had been destroyed externally would have to be replaced. Ringley was told to make the roof waterproof.

Since then Ringley has appealed against the enforcement notice (no decision yet). It applied for a planning application to demolish the building – refused by Camden. Then Ringley put in a second application for a crude commercial building almost two storeys higher than the pub. 54 local people wrote in to object and Camden refused this second application and confirmed an Article 4 Directive stating that demolition should not be carried out unless planning permission is granted on this last application. Ringley has appealed Camden’s decision on the second planning application and it’s this appeal that will be heard on 2 April.

We are not saying the building should be saved as a pub but it’s a good 1848 building and, with some work, the interior could be adapted for many uses. We think the façade must be renovated and retained.

PLEASE DO COME AND ATTEND THE APPEAL HEARING! It would help to let me know if you are coming.  Thank you.“

Caroline Hill
Chair Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum

chdesign@btinternet.com www.ktnf.org @KentishTownNF

Voting at CFBL on 25 May

The French school will be used at as a Polling station on Sunday 25 May for French citizens voting in the European elections (which take place on the previous Thursday for UK citizens). They expect the turnout to be much lower than in May 2012 when voting took place there for the French presidential election, but you may see increased traffic on that day.

Happy outcome for Plato

Frances’s cat Plato has come home.  Thanks to all who responded and looked out for him.