Update 26 May 2020

Bike thefts and Police Matters.

Last week one of our members has had their bike stolen overnight, although it was locked to the railings. It is really hard if you cannot bring the bike in overnight but maybe double up the locks?

The Chair of the Safer Neighbourhood Panel has sent this to us:

I’m in touch with PC Alastair Royston of the Kentish Town SNT & he has told me that the ‘street population’ has increased within our ward, due to the CV-19 restrictions & the homeless being housed in hostels & hotels in Camden. Community Presence Officers & Outreach workers have significantly increased their patrols along KT Road & are visiting hostels & hotels daily to checkup on issues.

PC Royston continues to post comments on the Nextdoor website.

To contact Alastair & our Kentish Town SNT: Kentishtown.snt@met.police.uk

Rubbish and recycling – a plea from Mel at Monmouth House

Hi all, please can I ask a favour? I notice that people outside of our estate are using our recycling bins. Sometimes for things like garden waste. The problem with this is that this actually makes all the recycling unrecyclable, it also means that we have to contend with larger amounts of waste than our bins can handle so either it ends up getting blown around our estate as the bins won’t shut or only providing the option to throw recyclable waste in the landfill bin.

One of the major issues we contend with in Monmouth House on an ongoing basis is that anything goes. And it saddens me that this is a what seems to be a wider societal issue. Please, please can you help us change this by respecting our resources. You can get recycling bins from Camden council if yours is missing. And garden waste bins. Clothing can be dropped off at one of the many charity stores on Kentish Town road, once they reopen.

We may not look all that respectable but there are elderly people living here and key workers with young families.

Please do pass this into neighbours. I think part of the problem may be that people consider council estate services public services but they are not. Please note that this obviously applies to electric items that need to be dropped off at the tip.**

Thank you

**Regis Road Reuse and Recycling Centre is closed until further notice. Other reuse and recycling centres in North London are running a limited waste disposal service for residents who have booked a slot.

Kenwood reopens:
They say: The Kenwood Estate will be re-opening to the public on 27th May. Kenwood House will remain closed for the foreseeable future.In line with government guidelines, our staffed sites remain closed in the interests of public health.

As they also say: GORGEOUS GARDENS.

“Roam the meandering paths around Kenwood through 112 acres of glorious parkland. Set on the crest of one of the most popular open spaces in the capital, Hampstead Heath.
Explore the ancient woodland, fascinatin
dairy, and look out for the beautiful sculptures and sham bridge.

In contrast to the natural heathland, the park around Kenwood is a designed landscape created by Humphry Repton. There is something to enjoy here in every season.”

Covid-19 Resources

Voluntary Action Camden has gathered relevant resources on a range of topics.
Notable recent additions include:

Reopening of CFBL from 2.6.20

The French school will be partially reopening from 2 June. They have written to us to say:

In accordance with the UK government’s instructions we are preparing to open for some of our primary classes from 2.6.20 & perhaps further classes from 15.6.20. Both openings are subject to the government’s final decisions.

We plan for the first few weeks only 65 pupils per day plus approximately 12 children of key workers

We are following the detailed guidance of the department of education in all our preparations. The only change visible from the exterior are line markings on each pavement flanking our entrances to separate pupils by 2m. Those painted markings will be removed once the COVID precautions have been lifted”.

The tenth and maybe the last Clap for Carers?

The originator of the weekly “clap for carers” has said next Thursday’s show of support should be the last.

Annemarie Plas, a Dutch national living in south London, said she was “overwhelmed” by the support for the ritual, but it was better to stop while it was at its peak.

It would be “beautiful” to end Clap for Carers after its 10th week, and make it an annual event, she said.

She said the public had “shown our appreciation” and it was now up to ministers to “reward” key workers.“ a clap is something normal people can do, showing our appreciation. But the power is not with us. We can give them respect but we are not signing the cheque – that falls on another desk.”

And it’s also been a great way to see neighbours and sometimes to meet new ones. We would welcome ideas for what we can do to keep something going along these lines. Ironically the lockdown rules have prevented any closer contact but maybe when they loosen up we could have Neighbourhood Thursdays – evenings once a month with chairs and tables out and even drinks?

This of course in addition to the Almighty Partywe are going to have when we can – shared food plus dancing and singing in the streets etc!

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