Update 12 April 2020

Thank you posters.  Following up the last bulletin which showed Dee’s poster saying Thank you to NHS staff and lots of others – we attached her PDFs.  They are lovely but if you don’t want to print out three A4s, we also attach one we did which is the same excellent wording but in a Word-type document that you could adapt to make it more individual and personal. We can’t import that here in proper layout and colour but the text you could cut and paste is:

Thank you to NHS staff, Care Workers, Posties, Rubbish Collectors, Street Cleaners, Shop Workers, Transport Staff, Delivery Drivers, Volunteers and all who help.

If you don’t have a printer and would like a poster, let us know your requirements!   

Masks. There has been a good response to Sophie’s offer of masks. There is also the James Wigg Practice who are asking for people to help make masks and gowns etc. Volunteers welcome.  If you would like details of who to contact and tips on how to help let us know and we’ll forward you the email.

Trees – there are several newly planted trees in the streets that really need watering through the summer. We have got volunteers to water most of them but there are some in Prince of Wales Road which are waiting for volunteers. Anyone keen?  We did them today but it is a long way to lug 15 litres.. 

More broadly it might be good to build on the already flourishing tradition in the area of “Adopt a Tree Base Garden.”

Willes Road of course has won Camden Council prizes in the past and several other streets are very well catered for.

There are some notable exceptions with some truly tragic tree bases, baked hard and mostly used by dogs…

We tried in vain a few years ago with the one on the corner of Anglers Lane and Raglan but it defeated us! We are trying again with two in Inkerman Rd with just some shallow digging and a scattering of wild flower seeds and Hollyhocks that seem to like it here. 

We also created a tongue-in-cheek mini-garden in the empty tree pit outside 49 Alma St and Gill has kindly adopted and improved it. It’s just temporary until hopefully Camden will plant a tree in the autumn.

General gardening. We ordered stuff from Boma but they seem to have shut up shop completely. Camden Garden Centre has responded to enquiries with the offer of rather expensive boxes labelled things like Garden Flower Sunny or Shade etc.

We could order a box and ask people to share the costs. Any takers?

Or – has anybody got more plants or seeds than they need right now and could offer some around?

Equipment sharing – this is For The Future… (a phrase we will get used to ..)  There has always been an informal sharing of DIY and gardening equipment but it does require rather a lot of trust. Maybe it needs less trust if it is just simpler things like ladders, watering cans, secateurs, parrot bills, trowels etc?  Let us know if you need something like that and we can ask and put people in touch. Obviously anyone sharing needs to be careful about contact.

Vehicles. Much, much more ambitious for the future – a fantasy maybe…. We do currently share our car with another family but have always had a dream of IARA shared vehicles… a small electric car, a family car and one day a motor caravan?!

Shopping and deliveries.  The Owl is closed but their website says: 

” …. our delivery service is back up and running! Our colleagues at Daunt Books in Marylebone are running a full ordering service with online ordering at dauntbooks.co.uk or by email at enquiries@dauntbooks.co.uk It will be immensely helpful to the Owl if you place your orders here and you will also benefit from the wonderful service provided by Daunt Books.”

Morgans is still open for orders. Someone was on the point of ordering cartridges from Amazon and was saved from this by the news. If £30 is a bit steep we could arrange for people to share an order. 
The Prince of Wales mini-supermarket will deliver if the order is £15 or more.  Be very precise in what you want… and they do have a limited range (wot – no Marmite?!)  07576 001 900. Brothers – Shablu and Shiblu Ahmed. 
The Fields Beneath also offers deliveries or collecting. https://www.thefieldsbeneath.com/020 7424 8838 and comes strongly recommended by some members. They are vegan, so no animal products but plenty of fresh produce.

WhatsApp:   To repeat a previous bulletin which has not elicited much response…  : 

A few people have indicated an interest in forming an IARA based WhatsApp group – but since we raised this we’ve discovered quite a lot of overlap with other groups. Raglan street has one of its own – perhaps Inkerman too?

And going a bit wider there is a Covid-19 WhatsApp group for Kentish Town, which is now subdividing itself into smaller groups. Two of these cover Inkerman Area and David has joined those to try and make sure we work together and don’t duplicate work or confuse people.

Anyone who gets this email who is also in the Zones 9 or 10 groups might like to contact us so it is all coordinated. The groups seem so far to be very much the product of the Mutual Aid approach and have not developed any wider social contact style unlike the other street based ones.. We would welcome people’s ideas on this.

Perhaps those of you who have said you’d like to join an IARA group would let us know whether you’re happy to join one of these Mutual Aid ones or whether you’d like to share details with each other to start an IARA group.  (One or two of you have already responded – no need to again)

D & D