The possible privatisation of the local NHS GP surgeries.

Dear Members

You may be aware from the pages of the Camden New Journal that the local NHS trust has already decided to hand over the running of some local GP surgeries to the profit making American company United Healthcare.

Some letters in the press have welcomed this saying that the American style health care emphasises a preventative, holistic approach. Others have pointed to the problems – especially the difficulty of those with ‘unprofitable’ long term health problems like diabetes to get treated or even registered.

People have also mentioned the danger of replacing known local, established GPs with doctors supplied by a large, profit motivated, impersonal organisation.

There is a letter in this week’s CNJ (page 11) from Dr Daniel Toeg of the Caversham group Practice asking members of the public to respond to the consultation which is now underway. or call 020 7932 3700.

He says ‘Only your readers can keep their NHS GPs local and all they have to do is make their views known via this consultation process. People must support their GP’s now or risk losing them for ever. There is only one week left.’

The consultation closes on 7 March.

Does anyone know what the local political parties are saying about this and if there are any campaigns one way or the other on the subject?

On the subject of the privatisation of local services – It seems from the local press that Kentish Town Post Office is not one that is threatened. Does anybody know anything different from this?

Debby and David.