The battle to save the Pizza Express Building continues.

The battle to save the Pizza Express Building continues.

This was our e-mail of 30 September

Dear Members

See the current  Camden New Journal story:

For those who missed out on the story…

The building was a part of North London Polytechnic which stretched from the High Street along Prince of Wales Road.  Most of it has been renovated and made into flats. The corner is the Pizza Express and is a building which many people like a great deal.  It is well mannered, brick, modest; it matches the flats and has a rather fine large space used by the restaurant.

The developers got permission to replace it with a large and hideous building which would cram two restaurants onto the site along with a lot of small flats above. It is really ugly and aggressive, much taller and bulkier and would dominate the corner of the High Street.

Local people, led by residents of the Prince of Wales flats, with support from Kelly St, the other side of the High Street and from IARA fought and lost the battle against that planning application and Camden granted it.

However the developer then seemed to lose his diary and he let the permission lapse.

He then applied to renew it and, after more strong protests from local residents including IARA, Camden refused this.

For background:

He is now appealing that refusal and the hearing is next Tuesday 4 October 2011 at Canterbury Hall, 19-26 Cartwright Gardens WC1H (just south off Euston Rd opposite the new British Library, between Euston and Kings Cross).

It would be great if people came to show support, even if only for a short time.  It starts at 10.00.

It is a complex and changing area of law and the developers are paying for very expensive legal advice. Supporters of the Pizza Express site need to pay for some (much more modest) legal support. This will cost about £1500.

They are asking for contributions from anyone who would like to oppose the plans. We have agreed to bank and account for the money.

Cheques should made out to:  Inkerman Area Residents Association and dropped in or sent to IARA, 31 Alma St, London NW5 3DH.

Please write ‘187 Kentish Town Road’ on the back of your cheques.

Or, if you prefer online banking e-mail us and we can provide our banking details.

Many thanks.


We then got over £700 doonations within three days.

For what that may be needed for – see next story about the hearing.