Talacre Sports Centre Under Threat

At the very full meeting last week there was an item on ‘Talacre under Threat’ introduced by Ed McGuiness from Grafton Road. This is outside of our area – just. It is the other side of Kentish Town West Station and the planned block of flats will dominate Prince of Wales Road.

Many members were very concerned about the issue and below is a notice from the people campaigning on the issue.

We think it is appropriate for us to forward this notice so members can decide whether they wish to act. If you do act, please copy us in. Thanks.

There is also a longer but quite easy to read 15 page briefing note available from PeterCuming@Blueyonder.co.uk and Nick.Harding@hpf.org.uk 07801 802344


To members of Inkerman Area Residents Association

Talacre Under Threat TUT

“You’ll never know what you’ve got till its gone”

Talacre – the Sports Centre, Treetops and Open Space is a success story so why is Camden putting it at risk?

Unless we protest strongly, the Sports Centre and Treetops will effectively be strangled by this development. This is what has almost been approved by the Council:

A 7 storey building twice the height of the Sports Centre containing 55 flats to be built on top of the existing road that leads to its front door
A new narrow road without pavements to be built on the railway side, against one side of the flats
A new pedestrian alley – the only route for pedestrians after dark – built against the other side
Marshals required to control cars, buses, deliveries and people for at least 16 hours a day
These routes will be owned first by the developer and then by the new owners of the flats. They will employ the marshal(s) and will be the main influence on what happens to Talacre Sports Centre FOREVER. Not just 5, 20 or 50 years but for all time
Help us resist by writing to our Kentish Town Councillors stating your opposition to this development. Email and postal addresses are:

Ralph Scott. Ralph.scott@camden.gov.uk
Philip Thompson. Philip.thompson@camden.gov.uk
Faruque Ansari. Faruque.ansari@camden.gov.uk

Postal address in each case, Town Hall, Judd Street, London WC1H 9LP
For more information and to offer support, contact Tut@hpf.org.uk. peter.cuming@blueyonder.co.uk or 0780 180 2344