Successful AGM and party on Monday‏

It was great to have 59 of us at the meeting and for the lovely food after.

Many familiar faces and some new people.
Plans for the future were discussed.
We attach the minutes.  The papers referred to are available – just email us.
D & D

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 25.11.13


Alma St: Isabel B, Howard L, Norma W, Brenda M, Charles C, Terry D, Annette S, Ian D, Liz W, Jeremy L, Caroline R-O, Daniel O, John E, Alison L, Peter H, Anne F, Hilary B, Lesley A, , Patricia D , Marion V, Poppy S, John H, Debby H, David J .

Willes Rd: Jeff B, Diana B , Don H, Laura A, Nicolas H, Rosemary W, Dot G, Jean H, John T, Barbara S, Danny A.

Anglers Lane: Peter H.

Cathcart St: Alex G, James O H.

Raglan Street: Liz H, Robert L, Gregory M, Paul S, John N, Jan, Mary H

Ryland Rd: Trisha M, Sophie H, Anne H, Elizabeth K, Dominic T, Gail N.

Inkerman Rd:, Camilla H, John N

Holmes Rd: Mai P, Will R.

Grafton Rd: Graeme C

Councillors: Meric Apak and Jenny Hedlam Wells.

Ex-Sgt Peter Ryan

Welcome by Debby as chair and apologies –  Adam L, Harriet C, Cllr. Georgia Gould, Judy L, Christopher L, Sarah M, Francis G, Julia F, Belinda L, Michael S

Election of officers – for the chair and secretary, the only nominations had been for Debby and David respectively and no other person was nominated at the meeting and accordingly they were elected unanimously.

Debby had to give the sad news that Richard Organ, our current treasurer, is very ill in hospital and unable to stand as treasurer again. Paul Seviour was nominated by Debby and seconded by Hilary and elected unanimously.  The meeting agreed to send our best wishes to Richard.

Chair’s report. – Debby briefly spoke to the chair’s report which was tabled and is attached to these minutes.

Treasurer’s report.

  • Accounts were prepared and presented by Debby and are attached to these minutes. Acceptance of these minutes was proposed by Robert, seconded by Barbara and passed unanimously.
  • Change of signatory for bank account- The meeting also passed unanimously the proposal that Paul Seviour be added to the list of authorised signatories, proposed by Robert and seconded by Jeremy

Report backs

Street Fair – Paul reported on the very successful outcome of this year’s festival which he had co-ordinated. He gave credit to the considerable number of members and other supporters who worked hard throughout the months leading up to the fair and on the day. Further participants are very welcome and there will be a series of meetings from early next year to prepare.

He gave particular credit to Camden Town Brewery who supply the beer and equipment and staff and who allowed the IARA stall to make a profit which essentially funds the association.  Local charities also raised substantial sums – over £3000 in total, and many residents took stalls for the day.

He also gave particular credit to Jeremy, Anne F for letting the stalls, Hilary for doing the children’s area and Debby and her family for running the bar.

In previous years we have had complaints or problems which we have considered carefully and acted upon and this year there were no complaints or observed problems. Paul made the point that the reserves of money that we have in the bank are necessary in case we have an unsuccessful fair, caused perhaps by bad weather. There are considerable expenses which are incurred and which would not be covered in the event that the affair was a washout.   Loud expression of appreciation by the meeting for Paul’s work in organising the fair.

Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum – John spoke about the Forum of which he is the secretary.  Four IARA members are on the committee. He explained that very considerable efforts have been made to consult people in the area, with open days, surveys in the street and meetings and this is leading to a draft Neighbourhood Plan which is available for comment at an open day at St. Benet’s church in Lupton Street on Saturday 7 December, details of which are attached to these minutes. He encouraged all members to participate in that consultation.

Police Liaison – Debby reported that John and in the past Dominic have represented IARA at meetings of the Kentish Town Safer Neighbourhood Panel.   Welcomed ex-Sgt Peter Ryan and paid tribute to his enthusiasm and support of IARA and the area over many years.  Loud expression of appreciation of Peter by the meeting.  Sgt Niall O’Neill had hoped to attend the AGM but was not present.  John expects to meet him at the next panel meeting, this week.

Current operation of IARA and standing orders – Debby explained that, as per the report, it had been hoped that we would have two or three public meetings each year but that has not been achieved in this year. However there have been a number of widely advertised smaller meetings for example planning the fair and the Independent Elders Group. Communication by e-mail and on the website has been much more intense this year. She asked the approval of the meeting for this style of running the association to continue and that was agreed unanimously.

Future plans: David explained that the Forum is effectively a collection of smaller residents associations like IARA from all over Kentish Town plus tenants associations and other special interest groups. It hopes to create a stronger community in the area and some of the ideas that are growing in IARA can perhaps be rolled out across the whole of Kentish Town. He and Hilary are on the social, community and culture subgroup of the Forum and some very interesting ideas are coming up including a growing awareness of what is already happening in the area which could be better publicised, the use of social media, organisations such as Street bank and OurCamden. The hope is for wider take-up of the many current events, whether professional theatres, concerts, exhibitions etc or amateur choirs, string quartets etc.

Finally we are aware that the association had has failed to reach many of the people in our area, some of whom may well need support and the current informal good neighbour work could be built upon to ensure that lonely or isolated people in our area can be reached and supported. We are fortunate to have the Camden volunteer Centre within the IARA area. Their leaflets were available at the meeting and we hope to build better relationships with them during the coming year.

Any other business – Isabel mentioned that the planned conversion of the buildings in Anglers Lane to residential was the subject of an appeal in the High Court. [Later comment – It may be that the challenge is to the government legislation or regulations which allow automatic conversion of offices to residential, and it is not clear whether a decision on that would affect planning permission already granted under those regulations.]

Jeremy thanked Debby and David for running IARA. More loud expression of appreciation by the meeting.

PARTY! We all then enjoyed the free drink that was included in the evening’s budget and the delicious food provided by Julia at the Grafton Arms.