Street lighting policy

Camden is consulting residents on a proposed street lighting policy manual.


The six key design principles are shared with those of Camden’s Streetscape Design Manual. They are:

# Respecting and enhancing the local streetscape.
# Using a simple palette of quality materials.
# Maintaining consistently high standards of design.
# Reducing the amount of clutter on our streets
# Making the street environment safer
# Enabling equal and inclusive consideration for all road users.

The aims of Camden’s street lighting policy are:

# To provide a safe and attractive road network for all road users.
# To help reduce crime and fear of crime.
# To provide a cost-effective public lighting service.
# To conserve energy and promote sustainability.
# To ensure that all lighting columns and lanterns and other associated items make a positive contribution to the streetscape, respecting and enhancing local character.

Obviously these are a quite uncontroversial series of good intentions which it would be hard to disagree with. It is only with specific design proposals that it makes any sense. In fact the consultation document has some and is quite interesting and pleasant to look at.

“More information”:—street-lighting-policy-manual.en where the “full consultation document”: is available to download.

Any comments to us or them with copy to us please. Deadline 19 January.